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What's DOS?
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Re: X300 WAN Access and GPS (in Europe)

Thanks for the info!
Mind you - I'm not sure how much I trust the training videos. What the insert/remove SIM demonstration - The SIM is the wrong way up!!
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Re: X300 WAN Access and GPS (in Europe)

the SIM is either upside down to keep from showing the carrier logo or it's a mistake.   i'm willing to give the technician the benefit of the doubt and say that he did it on purpose. Smiley Wink

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Re: X300 WAN Access and GPS (in Europe)

I just called Lenovo regarding FRU 42T0931 as you mentioned, and a person from the tech support staff spoke to a higher up, who said that these cards are locked and that they themselves do not offer unlock codes because it would void warranty.
I also called the parts dept. and said that it was in stock for $365.00.
I heard from someone else that this card is unlocked from forums.  Could this be this true or we won't be able to tell unless someone purchases it and tries it out?
Also, one last question: What steps do you take after installing the card & sim card (T-Mobile) for the X300 machine?
I appreciate your time Smiley Happy
Thanks again,
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Re: X300 WAN Access and GPS (in Europe)

Kamika007z, welcome to the forum,
Quoting an article about the X300 in the FAZ "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung", a serious German newspaper,
"Nach Auskunft der Pressestelle hat das UMTS-Modul keinen Sim- oder Net-Lock und funktioniert auch in anderen Netzen - aber nicht mit dem Lenovo-Programm."
My translation; "According to the Press Office the UMTS Module has no Sim- or Net-Lock and can be used in other networks, but not with the the Lenovo program."   (vkyr - you're welcome to edit) 
Which program they are referring to I don't know. As I stated I have configured T61 and X61 TPs with T-Online using Access Connections without encountering any problems. I'd gladly try it for you in my X300, but I don't have a T-Online sim-card.



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Re: X300 WAN Access and GPS (in Europe)

Thank you andy! I appreciate it. Smiley Happy
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Re: X300 WAN Access and GPS (in Europe)

I got the x300 too. If I put in the WWAN card from IBM/Lenovo FRU 42T0901 (Unlock) will it work right away without have to change Bios setting /

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