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X300 and HDD

2009-06-04, 19:14 PM
I am interested whether anyone tried using any compatible 1.8" SATA HDD (one of the Toshiba HDDs for example) with the X300 instead of a SSD? How does it affect the X300's performance (if at all)?

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Re: X300 and HDD

2009-06-30, 16:58 PM

Sure. I installed a 1.8" toshiba SSD into my X300 and I do not notice any performance drop. Sure a window might take an extra second or two to open, but it's worth it.


I also wanted to stated that I am displeased with my X300 and plan on getting one of those Apple 8.5 hr unibody macbook pro's. I say this in hope that lenovo will hear my plea. I design websites and often use my laptop as my development box. I came to discover that the SSD which came with it would die within a matter of months if I used it as such because I made hundreds of thousands of writes to the SSD a day; this is totally unacceptable. I know it is a design limitation of the SSD but I did not know this when I purchased the stupid thing. Typically, this would not be a problem because I could just slap in a normal mechanical HDD... however... Lenovo has opted to switch to 1.8" HDDs. There is basically only one 1.8" mechanical hdd in existance and it is made by toshiba. It's a lousy 5400rpm and I don't even know how reliable it is...  This really really frustrates me. I could really care less about a .05" savings by switching to a 1.8" over a 2.5" HDD.


The other thing that really bugs me is the fact I can only get 3.5 hours out of it with light use and every tweak known to man applied in XP. I NEED a 9-cell, but alas, none exist.


This brings me to the MacBook Pro. It is not 13" (which I don't mind) but rather 15". Why does this matter? Well, if my X300 was 15" the battery would probably last 1.5hrs. The battery in the macbook however lasts 8.5hrs on medium brightness with the wifi-on on and in constant use... check the reviews and benchmarks, this is confirmed and 100% true.


Not only is the battery life insane, but also they allow for 2.5" HDDs! Lenovo is really bothering me because not only is the X300/301 castrated to 1.8" but also now the T400s is! This trend will force people to migrate to laptops which allow for 2.5" HDDs...


okay, that's my rant.


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Re: X300 and HDD

2009-07-01, 17:36 PM
I think the T400s's support 2.5" drives...

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Re: X300 and HDD

2009-07-06, 4:05 AM
T400s support the 1.8 inch drive and not the 2.5 inch drive, which is a shame.

Jin Li

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