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Serial Port
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X300 getting old - what next???

My X300 is getting a bit long in the tooth and the warranty will expire in early next year, si I am thinking about a replacement. The only problem is with what?? There doesn't seem to be a current model in the X300 range - was it a side track? Have Lenovo dropped that range. It suits me pretty well - I'd like more RAM and a faster processor, all the normal things I'd get with an X310, or whatever.... (There was an X301 but that didn't seem to be a big upgrade and anyway, it's not listed any more.) Have I missed something or have Lenovo quietly shelved the X300 line?? Rgrds F
Long time ThinkPad user: 770, 600, T40, X300, now X301 240gb SSD, 8 GB ram (love it! :-)) Windows 7 64 bit.
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Re: X300 getting old - what next???

[ Edited ]

X30x line have been dropped. X300 can be upgraded to 8 gigs of ram based on the intel chipset it uses, and if you use middleton's bios firmware, you can use a SSD at its native SATAII speed.


CPU and GPU wise there is not much you can do.


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