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Paper Tape
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X380 Yoga: High battery drain when off - again

Hello my fellow ThinkPad friends,


I know that there are already a couple of threads out there concerning high battery drain when the device is completely shut down, but none for the X380 Yoga yet. In some cases (E-Series ThinkPads), a BIOS-Update was released to solve the problem. I would kindly like to ask the Lenovo team to try and figure out whether the same can be accomplished for the X380 Yoga. 


When my device is shut down, it usually drains 10-15% a day, which cannot be a regular thing. Of course, I have tried all the usual stuff:


- Windows Quick Start is off 

- USB-power when off is off

- Wake-On-LAN or USB-C is off

- BIOS updated to R0SET29W 1.13


If you have any other ideas, feel free to post them. Otherwise, I would really appreciate for a BIOS update that might adress the issue. It is kind of annoying charging your device for the weekend knowing that by the next day, you will already have lost 1 to 2 hours of runtime.


Best wishes,




Paper Tape
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Re: X380 Yoga: High battery drain when off - again

No answers to this very bad problem ? A lot of money to have a pc that discharge itself in one week when off....very disappointed
What's DOS?
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Re: X380 Yoga: High battery drain when off - again

Yup, I bought top of the range X380 (almost £2000) and battery is flat in 4 days whilst shut down. No advice or info anywhere (that I can find) Dissapointing :-(


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