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Fanfold Paper
Posts: 9
Registered: ‎03-28-2008
Location: Romania
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X60 super HOT 95C grade !!!



i have one X60 white T5500 core procesor


last night simply i run the virus Norton scaner for  security and i was surprised the laptop is going to 95C grade ... is problem?


looking to find some extra Fan Cooler, in the service manual i found one suport for auditional Fan Cooler 2


sombody hear or find some way to can reduce the C grade ?


i think the 95C grade is too much






Punch Card
Posts: 20
Registered: ‎07-02-2008
Location: Richmond, CA
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Re: X60 super HOT 95C grade !!!

See the discussion at IBM X32 Overheating
Fanfold Paper
Posts: 9
Registered: ‎03-28-2008
Location: Romania
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Re: X60 super HOT 95C grade !!!

i think the x32 is a bit old sistem is in use from only 6 mont,s  (5-6 hour,s/day)


somting ellse ?



also when i only just runing on the web sites the sistem is going to 70C grade !!! 

Posts: 3,839
Topics: 135
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Registered: ‎01-05-2008
Location: Münster, Germany GMT +1
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Re: X60 super HOT 95C grade !!!

Please try some compressed air and see if your vents are clogged with dust.

Sometime 6 months are enaugh to clogg the vents.


Have you run your X60 on a desk so that the vents are free to circulate fresh air?






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Fanfold Paper
Posts: 9
Registered: ‎03-28-2008
Location: Romania
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Re: X60 super HOT 95C grade !!!

i removed the tastature to can see if the fan is working (there is no problem is clean and working fine but is not enug to keep the sistem on the right temperature.


yes i have a desk in my office, alvays have a 20-22C grade in my office


after i remouve the tastature i see is a slot for extra fan , i think i will se if i can find some way to buy one extra cooler if posible 

Fanfold Paper
Posts: 9
Registered: ‎03-28-2008
Location: Romania
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Re: X60 super HOT 95C grade !!!

 som news ?  from the Lenovo ...


can sombody tell me if i can add one extra fan to my laptop ...or i will need to salle ...  coz i will be burned ... Smiley Wink

Posts: 265
Registered: ‎02-04-2008
Location: Canada
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Re: X60 super HOT 95C grade !!!

Hello Silent01


There are reports that X60 machines did get hot in the palmrest and this is due to lack of airflow inside the machine itself. The components do get rather hot (CPU, GPU/video, etc).


There are two ways of dealing with the heat problem:


1) Check your BIOS setting to check the thermal management setting.  Check under "Config" then choose "power" ... then under "adaptive thermal management". You can change the values there for the fan settings. 


2) Lower the CPU cycle. The longer the CPU runs at full strength (even when not required), the hotter it will get over time. In order to throttle the CPU (make the CPU work only as fast as it needs to, slowing down when not needed), you can install and use a free utility called RMClock - I've wrote a quick tutorial with screenshots on how to use it  Tutorial available HERE... By using this utility, you can reduce the amount of heat the CPU generates by controlling the speed of the CPU.



 Unfortunately, the X60 did not come preconfigured to hold a second fan. You will find the information on the X60, including all parts and components in the "hardware maintenance manual" (PDF document english)


Hope this helps!