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Fanfold Paper
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X61: Devices not recognized



I just have a question. I installed a new HDD and some RAM so I installed Windows XP Professional x64 to use the full amount of RAM (4 GB) that I have installed. As of now, my ThinkPad x61 does not detect my wireless device and it does not detect the sound device. I have installed the drivers on the Lenovo Support and Downloads page but it is still not recognized. Other than these devices there are a few other devices in the list without the proper description to let me know exactly what types of devices they are.


In addition to the above problem, I wanted to ask if there is any way that I can reinstate the AHCI mode to make the full use of the new SATA drive that I had upgraded the laptop with. The SATA before my new installation was working fine in AHCI mode. Please let me know if there is an option without reinstalling the OS but if the only option is to reinstall the OS, please walk me through the process. I know that it has something to do with F6 in installing the SCSI and the RAID drivers but let me know more. 




Thank you!


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Re: X61: Devices not recognized

First of all, Lenovo does not provide support for XP x64.


However, since this is a Lenovo community [remember, this is not an official Lenovo support channel] and we may be able to help you. Could you kindly provide us with the Hardware Id for the devices in question?


Open the Device Manager.

Double-Click on the device.

Go to the "Details" tab.

Select "Hardware Ids" from the drop-down box.


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Fanfold Paper
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Re: X61: Devices not recognized

I think I have figured out what the issue is. 


Windows XP's 64-bit has a lot of compatibility issues when it was released so that it could not read majority of the devices even with the drivers installed. I figured this out because I never received a problem when installing any type of drivers whether it is a Lenovo laptop, regular desktop, or another brand of laptops. 

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