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Paper Tape
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X61 Vista SDHC

Has anyone tried a 8 Gb or 16 Gb SDHC in the X61using Vista?

I have searched the forum but I can only find references to XP and SDHC.

Paper Tape
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Re: X61 Vista SDHC

I'm also interested in this question.  Will SDHC cards work on the X61?  Are there driver changes that need to be done to make it work?

Bit Torrent
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Re: X61 Vista SDHC

The X61 can only read SD cards, which is different to other new thinkpads that use 4 in 1 Ricoh card reader, which are known to support SDHC cards.... but after some searching, i was able to find a document that stated the X61 could read the SDHC cards upto 16 gig in capacity using Fat32 file system, here is the link....
Former Employee
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Re: X61 Vista SDHC

My X60 Tablet (and I believe a friend's X61s or X60s) read 4GB SDHC cards fine under XP, after a quick software patch. For what it's worth!
Tim Supples
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Serial Port
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Re: X61 Vista SDHC

I am using a 4Gb Extreme III SDHC in my X61 7764-CTO under Vista-32 and it works beautifully. I am happily using a large ReadyBoost on it as well (After disabling the Intel TurboMemory ReadyBoost using the application in the program menu).

Vista only supports SD cards up to 4Gb so I don't know what the behaviour will be with cards greater than 4Gb. I also don't know why Vista only supports up to 4Gb. 4Gb is plenty for ReadyBoost purposes.

ReadyBoost does require a fast SDHC card. It will not work with all SDHC cards for ReadyBoost. ReadyBoost performs its own speed test on the new card.

If ReadyBoost reports that it is already in use on the machine (Only one ReadyBoost is permitted per system) then you need to see if you are using Intel TurboMemory and disable the ReadyBoost there. The IntelTurbo Memory ReadyBoost is 500Mb so you would have to have a larger or faster SD card for that to make sense.

The SDHC card obviously works both read and write as a normal drive.

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What's DOS?
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Re: X61 Vista SDHC

Tim - do you remember where you got the sw patch? I've tried this:


but this doesn't seem to work. My drive works fine with regular SD cards, doesn't register SDHC cards at all (WinXP Pro SP2).


Any pointers much appreciated!

Paper Tape
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Re: X61 Vista SDHC


RICOH R/RL/5C476 (Ⅱ) chipset


As far as I know, some machines will need both patches with Ricoh driver, some dont. Give it a try.


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Paper Tape
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Re: X61 Vista SDHC

I am succesfully using a 16GB Sandisk Ultra II SDHC with no problems formatted as FAT32.  Also works fine as a 4GB Readyboost but I ended up disabling it as I couldn't perceive any performance benefit.  I did also have to install an MS patch on Vista SP1  to get it to recognize the card (unfortunately cannot remember the KB # but it was easily located on google).
What's DOS?
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Re: X61 Vista SDHC

This was my problem when I asked for X61 computer in the shop.  The shop assistant could not confirm if X61 could read SDHC card or not.  When I got it home, I tried it with 'Transcend' 4GB SDHC but it could not be detected by the card reader. I forgot it.  After updating my computer through 'system update', I suddenly found that the card reader could read SDHC 8 GB.  Now it's working fine in X61 running Vista Business.
What's DOS?
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Re: X61 Vista SDHC

Want to add that I haven't yet to install SP1 in my Vista Business as the shop assistant told me not to as it might cause conflict with Lenovo software.  Yet my card reader can read 8 GB of SDHC (Transcend) without any problem.

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