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X61s: Power Management issues and related questions

2009-08-29, 7:55 AM

1)  My problems started when I upgraded to PM 3.5:  system instability, overheating, and battery run-down.  I finally eliminated PM 3.5 and it is running better, but still seems to be running more hot than before.

2) Question: can I take the battery out when running on AC current?

3) Also, do the batteries for the X61 also fit for the X61s?




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Re: X61s: Power Management issues and related questions

2009-08-29, 8:01 AM

1) download TPfancontrol and check your system temp and fan speed.


2) Yes, but not recommended as the battery acts as a UPS, which prevents your laptop from shutdown if there is an accidental plug pull from the ac socket, or brown out/black out. 


3) yes.


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Re: X61s: Power Management issues and related questions

2009-09-01, 1:34 AM

Listen to L_O  his advice is sound.

Removing your battery is an attempt ot relieve your symptops abut doesn't address your probelms.

PC, laptops, even server fans only seem to come in two flavors...super cheap and expect to wear out but can afford to replace.


super expensive, NASA and gamer box grade no hassles and will last longer than your buried bones.


If your're warrantied, and if you notice a real difference with the fans performance then call support and set a ticket  and get if fixed while you can.


IBM Support is accustomed to addressing fans, they aren't necessarily defective but it is just a moving part with ostensible expectation it can wear out and they won't polygraph you .


the issues your'e having could be corollary and not necessarily related to shifting PowerManager and you didn't describe anything regarding regular  dust blasting with compressed air AND WHILE THE FAN AND PC IS OFF !


Too often, every day somewhere on this planet is an owner jamming the straw up to or even into the vent and blasting air into the blades while turned on.


The sound is neat, just as neat as playing cards in your bike spokes and also sounds just like a mechcanical being overspun and with ahigh pitched sound as the bearings are prematurely worn. If that is something you've every done than don' worry about confessing here and it isn't necessary but get your fan replaced since even just one air blast while on is enough to deprecate your fan and ensure its end.

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