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Registered: ‎11-29-2008
Location: Paris, France
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X61s: Power Management issues and related questions

1)  My problems started when I upgraded to PM 3.5:  system instability, overheating, and battery run-down.  I finally eliminated PM 3.5 and it is running better, but still seems to be running more hot than before.

2) Question: can I take the battery out when running on AC current?

3) Also, do the batteries for the X61 also fit for the X61s?



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Re: X61s: Power Management issues and related questions

1) download TPfancontrol and check your system temp and fan speed.


2) Yes, but not recommended as the battery acts as a UPS, which prevents your laptop from shutdown if there is an accidental plug pull from the ac socket, or brown out/black out. 


3) yes.


Jin Li

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