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Paper Tape
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X61s - custom mouse cursors dancing around (confirmation wanted)

Has anybody seen the following bug on their own ThinkPad? Any help and/or hints are appreciated!

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open WordPad (non-maximized) and enter anything.
2. Center the cursor over the first word so that it displays the text selection cursor.
3. Slowly move the mouse horizontally to the left.

Actual result:
During step 3 the following happens: When reaching the beginning of the word, the text selection cursor jumps a few pixels south-west; then it changes to a correctly positioned line selection cursor; when reaching the point where it should change back to the default cursor, it doesn't and instead jumps several pixels east; finally it correctly changes to the resize window cursor when reaching WordPad's window border.

Further information:
The same issue seems to happen whenever custom mouse cursors are displayed, such as that line selection cursor, Word's paragraph insertion cursor or the trackpoint's scrolling cursor which are all provided by an application and not the core OS.

This happens on a fully up-to-date Windows XP SP3. Interestingly however,
(1) the issue goes away when using the operating system's default VGA video driver;
(2) the issue doesn't exist on my older X24 which is quite similarly configured besides using different hardware components and thus different drivers;
(3) the issue goes away, as soon as I enable the external monitor (either cloning the display or extending the desktop); and
(4) the issue does not go away when terminating all programs and stopping most non-critical OS services.

I've already googled around without success - and Intel's product support couldn't reproduce the issue with their video drivers on a non-ThinkPad system. Might be something specific to X6? ThinkPads...

Thanks in advance for advice in this matter!

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Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎05-20-2008
Location: Western Europe
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Re: X61s - custom mouse cursors dancing around (confirmation wanted)

I'd actually be happy with a confirmation that the bug either does or does not exist on your ThinkPad - just so I can give Lenovo's tech support a further hint. Thanks.

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