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X61s durability and palmrest heat

2008-02-14, 18:04 PM
Could anyone with an X61s (ultralight display) comment on the durability of the laptop?

Does it offer a magnesium roll cage and more specifically is the lid protected in any way? Of particular concern is opening/closing the lid - will the thing flex? Could the laptop take a couple of knocks on the case without damaging the display? If the thing's dropped accidentally from a table would it survive?

My T42 (although it doesn't have a lid rollcage) is covered in somekind of hard plastic composite that flexes from the outside but does offer a little protection. Does the same apply to the X61s?

Other question I have relates to the palmrest and usage of wifi. Do all the wifi cards (Atheros and Intel) produce the same amount of heat and does the palmrest on the X61s really heat up a lot - I've read conflicting reports about this. I do a lot of work online via wifi - my T42 (atheros) would get very warm, but not uncomfortable. Supposedly the reported heat issues were not as prevalent with the added WWAN (due to placement of a second fan), but I'm not in the market for WWAN, thus I presume an added fan would not be installed.

Many thanks for your input



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Re: X61s durability and palmrest heat

2008-02-15, 13:17 PM
The X61s even it doesn't have a rollcage is usually very durable for this class of subnotebook. It's case material is nowadays AFAIK all magnesium alloy and it's display cover offers enough protection for the so called busy mobile urban professional.

If it's display would survive a drop from a table is usually hard to tell, since this depends on a bunch of coincidence factors, like the material of the floor/ground, the worst case angle of falling down and the hight of the table etc. But as said before, the Thinkpad X61/X61s cases and their display cover are commonly build in a sturdy fashion. - I would suggest, you best go to some Thinkpad center or store which offers and sells Thinkpad X61 models and then take a look for yourself, how sturdy the display cover is and if it flexes much or not for your personal taste.

Wifi cards always produce heat too during their operation and this heat has to dissipate somewhere. AFAIK the Atheros cards do produce more heat than Intel cards and depending on the card, your heavy WiFI usage etc., the X61 palmrest will get a bit warmer or stay cooler. You may want to search through the "thinkpads.com" forum after this topic, I remember that some people once posted their testfoundings with different WiFi cards there. Some users also measured and reported card heat differences in some postings there, so you may better do a search there after these topics.

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