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What's DOS?
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X6x/X20x Ultrabase issue

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Hello - wondering if anyone's had similar problems before I contact support (since my computer is out of warranty).


I have an X61s, 4-cell battery, and two X6 ultrabases. The other day I ran Lenovo System Update which installed a number of updates - immediately afterwards my battery light began blinking orange and there was a "battery error" message.  Additionally, I can no longer boot the laptop when docked - it starts up (from either the power button on the laptop or the dock) but then immediately stops - only the "z" icon remains lit indicating that the computer is getting power, and nothing ever comes up on the screen.  Undocked and on ac power, the computer work perfectly fine.  I have the exact same issue using both ultrabases.


Since everything worked fine before the updates and these problems started immediately after the updates, that would seem to be the problem, however I reformatted the entire system (without reinstalling any of the Lenovo software, initially) but still have the same problems.  I've also checked and the battery is not on the recall list, and have tried every prior BIOS version but the problems persist. 


Not sure what else to try before sending it in for repair - if anyone has suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.




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What's DOS?
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Re: Problems with X61s

i'm not really Mr solutions... but one of my friend got da same problem and it seems it was the battery.

he change it and his computer works perfectly


Serial Port
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Re: Problems with X61s

Try 2 things... 1) Take the battery out and try without the battery.  If it's a battey issue, it should resolve right then and there.  2) Which a/c adapter are you using with the Ultrabase?  Lenovo makes a 90w and a 65w that is compatiple with the x61s.  I have found that the 65w adapter isn't sufficient with the ultrabase.  Actually, I had a similar issue using the 65w adapter, except mine would give me the BSOD.

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Paper Tape
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Re: Problems with X61s

Any resolution to this problem.  I have an x61 with ultrabase....after applying all updates I can't boot while docked.  Just wondering .. would appreciate some guidance.
Paper Tape
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X61- XPSP2 - installed new BIOS 2.19 - Will not boot on Ultrabase after bios update

I upgraded the BIOS 2.19 and now .. my Ultrabase is not recognized (which means on CD-ROM) and the laptop will not boot when docked at all.   Even docking after boot .. won't recognize the CD-ROM and external ports.


SCenario:  Booting or restarting system when on UltraBAse ... Black Screen...nothing happens .. the minute I unhook the Ultrabase .. it boot as normal.


XP serivce pack 2 

X 61   (and no its not the tablet)

Latest BIOS 2.19



Side problembutdefinately related ... I also have the newer external batter for the X61 that mounts on the bottom of the laptop ... THAT will not recognize either.  So it's def somethin with the bottom connector.


I'm not sure what to do here at all.  Any ideas???!!!

Fanfold Paper
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X6 Ultrabase thinks it is always undocked

Have X61 laptop - troubles when connected to X6 Ultravase.


On the Ultrabase, the "docked" light (to the left of the undocking button) never comes on - only the "ready to be removed" green arrow to the right of the undocking button is lit.


The passthroughs are functional (external monitor, ethernet, etc), but none of the ports. Power gets to the computer - but the computer will not boot up when connected to the Ultrabase - the power light is lit, it starts to boot and then stops, with the HD light never coming on. If a battery is installed in the X61, the computer will boot if I lift the X61 off of the Ultrabase, then place it back on. There is never any problem when the Ultrabase is not attached, whether using battery or wall converter.


This developed over the last several months - perhaps when I installed XP SP3??


Upgraded to the BIOS v. 2.19 without effect. Nothing obvious wrong with the Ultrabase connector.


Any ideas???


Thank you.


Blue Screen Again
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X61s won't boot any more on the Ultrabase X6



I own a X61s that i really like. i mainly use it docked on his ultrabase X6 with no battery, on AC.

Il worked flawlessly but since some days it doesn' boot when mounted on the X6 on AC without battery : the power light is on but the HDD never seems to run (HDD is on the X61s). Lenovo screen doesn' appear and the x61s finaly shut downs after a time.


What's weird is that :

- with the battery fitted in the x61s, docked on the X6, it boots fine

- with the battery fitted, x61s running, hot-mouting works fine too.


What could be the problem ? seems like the x6 isn't getting enough power to start the X6 without battery ?




What's DOS?
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X201 hibernation


I have a X201 with ultrabay. The os is win7 64 bit prof. I am using a usb hub with opt. drive, usb hd and other hw.

The monitor is dig. connected and I am using the lan with twisted pair (no wlan).


When I am switching to standby the usb of the ultrabay will still power the usb hd. When I am switching to hibernation it will work or not. When it is not working I have two results: 1. the machine hangs. After switching it off and on it will start after a crash. 2. The machine will crash and switch of without hibernation. In startup the same like 1.

I already did a complete new installation without any success.

When I am using only the x201 without any other component everything seams to work well.

Paper Tape
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X61 Docking Station / UltraBase is not detected

Hi forum,

I am on X61 (Windows Vista) and my docking station is not detected any more. When I plug the notebook in the docking, the eject light stays 'Green'. The DVD drive gets the power and I can eject, insert CDs/DVDs, however, nothing shows up the OS. If I boot my notebook while on the docking station, the display will not appear. 


I was hoping to reimage the system (Using ThinkVantage - F11 option), but I get the mising BOOT MGR error.


Any ideas what could be causing this or how to resolve this.


Thanks !


Paper Tape
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Re: X201 hibernation

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I am having this exact same issue with every single X201 in my inventory.

X201, Windows 7 x64 Professional.

This is a replicable without a single peripheral attached to the ultrabase.

If you sleep the machine in the dock, undock it and attempt to bring it up a hard boot is necessary as it will not wake up.

Once you remove the ultrabase from the scenario, problem disappears.


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