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Paper Tape
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XP on the x130e ?



After years of carrying a T61 in my backpack either I'm getting older or the weight of stuff on the HD is getting heavier, so...


I'm looking for a new traveling companion, and the x130e seems to fit the profile of being smaller and lighter, but...


I run XP on the T61 and  XP does all that I need to do, add to that my experience with W7 while being a memorable one it wasnt for the best of reasons.


Before I buy the x130e I'd like to know if it will run on XP rather than the W7 that comes with it ? or would I have a problem with some drivers not being supported by XP ? or would there be any other "problems" ?


Thanks for your time and consideration.



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Re: XP on the x130e ?

Hello and welcome,


While we're waiting for someone with experience, take a look at the driver list for that machine: "SUPPORT" (above) then "Drivers and Software" (on the left) and enter x130e.


A quick look shows XP drivers for most (maybe all) hardware.  It might depend on the exact x130e config.


For what it's worth, my own experience with Windows 7 has been quite positive.  Maybe run it for a while on the "x" and see what you think.



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Paper Tape
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Location: Nova Scotia
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Re: XP on the x130e ?

Hello Z,


Thanks for the info, appreciated.


As for XP vs W7 I guess it's like pigs feet, you either love them or you hate them Smiley Wink


I will have a look round the drivers to see what I can gleam from them, but as a non tecky much of it is Dutch to me.


Thanks again for shedding some light on the topic...



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Re: XP on the x130e ?

I would also encourage you to give WIndows 7 another try on that machine... I've found that 7 performs better than XP in many cases, especially on newer hardware.     Now, as far as windows 8 is concerned... yikes.

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Paper Tape
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Re: XP on the x130e ?

[ Edited ]

The odd thing about XP vs W7 is how many folks have {like me} stayed with XP. I can't even remember why I didn't like W7 it's a while back since I paid $200 {I think it was} when it first came out, only to find that it didn't do anything for me, and worse still I couldn't roll it back to XP. I finished up paying a bloke $100 to get rid of it and get XP back on board, an experience that I really don't want to go through again.


IF W7 allowed folks to try it and if it didn't pan out as expected we could just roll back to XP then I'd chance trying it out again, but, once bitten twice shy, add to that the comments pasted below...


Windows 7, the latest Microsoft OS still isn't the #1 platform on the market. Instead, Microsoft's opus Windows XP is still the reigning champ, claiming 47.19-percent of the market as of January 31, 2012. Strangely enough, the first month of the year actually saw a resurgence in the legacy platform, slightly higher than December 2011's 46.52-percent market share.


Thanks for your feedback anyway, appreciated, I guess one mans fish really is another mans poisson Smiley Wink


Canada Bob.

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