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Blue Screen Again
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Yoga X1 3rd Gen HDR LCD - random colour profile changes?

Let me start by saying that the Yoga X1 is a lovely laptop, and the Dolby Vision HDR LCD appears to be an excellent and bright display.


However, I have encountered a glitch that is extremely annoying. I have observed that the color calibration profile reverts back to system default (in my case, profile TPLCD_40AE.icm) under the following conditions:

  • plug/unplug USB stick
  • connect Bluetooth mouse
  • run Lenovo Vantage software*
  • come out of sleep*
  • at other random times

* this suggests to me that Lenovo software and/or drivers are the culprit.


I can easily see this behaviour, since the default colour profile is too warm (red). I have a custom colour profile created with the datacolor Spyder 5 calibration hardware/software. Using the accompanying SpyderUtility, I can manually force my color calibration to be loaded into the video card (i.e., revert back to my custom profile).


To ensure Lenovo/Windows/hardware drivers are not interfering, I did the following after combing through these forums:

  • disabled Windows 10 "Night light"
  •  under Windows 10 Display Settings, my custom "Colour profile" is correctly selected (when more than one colour profile is associated with device under "Colour Management")
  • Intel graphics settings (latest drivers): set to defaults in "Display", and disabled "Display Power Saving Technology"
  • Lenovo Vantage: Color Settings to "Standard" (sRGB, gamma 2.2, white point D65), disabled "Eye Care Mode"
  • also tried removing ALL other associated colour profiles under "Colour Management", except for my custom profile

This color profile switching behaviour happens regardless of whether the SpyderUtility is running.


Any suggestions or ideas? Much appreciated in advance!

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga X1 3rd Gen HDR LCD - random colour profile changes?

Did you find a solution ? I encounter the same problem with an X1 extreme

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Re: Yoga X1 3rd Gen HDR LCD - random colour profile changes?

Bought a refurb x1 yoga gen 3.  

Recieved a faulty touchscreen, but the color profile was fully functional. 

Sent it in for RE-refurb, got a functional touchscreen, and colors profiles now broke.


If you'd like to have ur customer do all the software installs give a better set of user guides!!


Spending a month troubleshooting one semi-functional refurbished refurb after another makes customer...something something..



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