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Paper Tape
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brand new ThinkPad and brand new dead pixel :(

hello, I have a new thinkpad x1,

**not older than 3 months, in full 3 yrs on-site warranty**

and it has already a dead pixel (black), right in a well visible area! not at the corners or borders...

I am so sad now to use it, because all I can see when I work on it is that pixel... I can't avoid looking at it !

how can lenovo deny to change the screen on a laptop so new and so expencive and which doesn't even have 3 months?? I know that the rule says not less than 3 pixels but... what should I do? This is not normal!

Now I will have to keep it like this for its entire life? Is there really anything a customer can do?

This is not fair ...


All I've had were thinkpads but after this I really don't know if will be again my future choice.


PS. Sorry, I posted this in the Tablet X section, can someone move it to the ThinkPad NON Tablet section? Thanks.

Token Ring
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Re: brand new ThinkPad and brand new dead pixel :(

Sorry, but 3 dead pixels are ok.

The only thing you can do, is try to activate the that pixel via some apps.

The apps show a lot of different colors, and around 40% (I think) of the dead pixels can be reactivatet.

I don't think you will find any brand, who changes a screen because of 1 pixel.

If you bougt it via internet, you can send it back

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