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fwupdmgr update failed

2020-07-24, 18:10 PM

Hi all, maybe someone here can help me. I have a lenovo X1 extreme gen7 running archlinux with kernel 5.7.8. I usually perform BIOS and firmware updates using "fwupdmgr". There is a BIOS update available: from 0.1.30 to 0.1.31 however I cannot run it this time. It complaints that my fileystem is unknown "vfat" ... well, what else can it be if it is UEFI system ?

Here is the output:


#fwupdmgr update

• Thunderbolt Controller has the latest available firmware version

• Embedded Controller has the latest available firmware version

• Intel Management Engine has the latest available firmware version

• SAMSUNG MZVLB512HAJQ-000L7 has the latest available firmware version

Upgrade available for System Firmware from 0.1.30 to 0.1.31

20MF000WGE must remain plugged into a power source for the duration of the update to avoid damage. Continue with update? [Y|n]: Y

Downloading 0.1.31 for System Firmware...

Decompressing…           [***************************************]

Authenticating…          [***************************************]

GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.UDisks2.Error.Failed: Error mounting /dev/nvme0n1p1 at /run/media/root/64F4-A600: unknown filesystem type 'vfat'


Here is the output of:



NAME                    MOUNTPOINT FSTYPE      UUID


├─nvme0n1p1                        vfat        64F4-A600

├─nvme0n1p2             /boot      ext4        63cc0bf4-a273-4a84-9aa6-2aa176dcf38e

└─nvme0n1p3                        crypto_LUKS 7284a5c8-c66e-480e-b635-700af8038efb

 └─volgroup0                      LVM2_member i9jX2R-sX3Q-lwFB-jF68-Kvfp-3Zzy-cSju8I

   ├─volgroup0-lv_root /          ext4        e4913b6e-a9f1-4422-b5e0-26f4ebd7b2d2

   └─volgroup0-lv_home /home      ext4        58b7bdbc-d7e0-489a-aa86-8d66958dea5e


Anyone knows what is going on and how to solve it ?


Thanks !


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Re:fwupdmgr update failed

2020-07-27, 10:53 AM

This is odd, did you manually partition the drive or did you have the Linux installer partition it?  There are several different vfat partition types and EFI should be for the UEFI partition which shows as vfat.  Have you looked to see if fwupdmgr can be updated to a newer version which could fix the issue also I have found that if you have updated the BIOS before fwupdmgr uses temporary file space on the efi partition and may not have freed that space so make sure there is enough free space on the partition to handle the size of the BIOS update you are attempting to install.

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