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Paper Tape
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help needed for reinstalling XP on X60

i have gone through several pages of this board, however i couldn't find much that suit into my situation.


as being an entire newbie in the field of computer, in the purpose of makeing partitions on a X60 thinkpad (it came with only the C: harddisk), i formated the entire harddisk with a USB CD-rom. however when i was trying to reboot the computer, it stopped at the procedure for coping files from the Windows XP sp2 CD into the harddisk. after about 4 seconds of black screen, a blue screen showed up with words like "A problem has been detected and ...... " the last two lines were:

 Technical information:

*** STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF898E524, 0x00000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)


i used a brand new Windows XP sp2 disc for rebooting when the above blue screen occured. i actually tried to reboot before formating the thinkpad, the same above blue screen showed. then i used another disc that could format the harddisk in the DOS mode (coz i thought there were viruses preventing me from rebooting). then i used the XP sp2 disc to reboot again and the same blue screen occured again.


now i restart the computer and it will tell me that there is no OS and if i plugin the USB cd-rom with XP sp2 Disc, the blue screen occurs... please please help me and all your suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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Re: help needed for reinstalling XP on X60

Nluvcc01, welcome to the forum,


you need to change the S-ATA settings in BIOS from AHCI to Compatability mode.



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Re: help needed for reinstalling XP on X60

You may also want to check this thread:


Paper Tape
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Re: help needed for reinstalling XP on X60

thanks a lot, problem solved!Smiley Tongue
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