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Punch Card
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is X6 ultrabase a must-have??

I just bought a thinkpad X61 without the x6 ultrabase because it would cost me $340 to add that.  $200 for the base, $140 for the DVD burner. what i am thinking is that do i seriously need that.
for me, I do not need the extra hard disk and the extended battery life.  all i need is the DVD burner. So i am thinking to purchase a external DVD burner instead of the ultrabase, and the external DVD burner will cost me approximately $100.

anyone any thoughts ?
Punch Card
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Re: is X6 ultrabase a must-have??

for me, it was better to get the external dvd-burner (for $109), way cheaper then  to get the x6 base with all the components. x61 are made for portability and on the go, so theres no reason to be dragging a dvd-burner around if you are not always using it. there are a lot of slim external dvd-burners around that are really good for the price.
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Re: is X6 ultrabase a must-have??

look on ebay for an ultrabase..
they have been out long enough now to be cheap..
same for the CD drive..
the base is not an absolute requirement but it can be very helpful..
i have one for each of my X60 models..
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