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What's DOS?
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lenovo x230 - Does not boot!!!


Just did shut down on my lenovo x230. When restarting the PC by pressing the power button, he looks like he is restarting, then nothing happens. Hardware buttons not active, screen is black. Nothing I can do... PC doesn't react to anything. Was working fine before shut down.


What is wrong??? What can I do? Help!





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Re: lenovo x230 - Does not boot!!!


1. unplug power cable and battery, press and hold the power button during 30 sec, plug the battery and cable again, try to boot laptop.
2. OR if you are familiar with disassembling of keyboard and palmrest do it, then unplug connector of small yellow battery under palmrest (near FPR) during several minuts. Assemble the laptop and try to boot. If laptop will boot go to BIOS setup, press F9 and save default settings, set and save your settings.

If that actions will not resolve the issue I'm afraid you have to contact with Lenovo support.

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What's DOS?
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Re: lenovo x230 - Does not boot!!!

Hi X220forMe,


thank you for your response. So here's what happened. I unplugged battery etc yesterday evening. Nothing happened. PC still seemed to get started but never ever got to BIOS screen. Screen stayed black. I left PC disconnected from power source and removed from battery all night. This morning, it worked normally again...!!!???


As my lenovo is still under warranty, would you recommend me to contact lenovo?





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