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lenovo x61s unsuccessful ram upgrade

i just bought two elpida 2gb 2rx8 pc2-6400s-666 ram modules, and then i installed them on my thinkpad x61s 7666 running windows 7 ultimate 64 bits. 

the windows starts fine and,  its just suddenly  a blue screen pops up saying there is an error.

so the question are_

what is really wrong with the pc?

are the correct type of ram the ones that i am using? 

how can i fix it?


thank you very much

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Re: lenovo x61s unsuccessful ram upgrade

You could have a DOA RAM module. If you havve some sort of memory tester, try the 2 chips one at as time. Memtest86+ is free and good.
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Re: lenovo x61s unsuccessful ram upgrade

sometimes the 800 mhz ram doesn't work properly in ThinkPads, it is best that you use 667 mhz ram instead.

Jin Li

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