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network adapter disables itself. x300

x300 lenovo thinkpad


weird one maybe you guys have ran into this.


basically the rj-45 adapter disables itself. obviously when I"m around..everthing is normal.


laptop is on the lan, I can ping it..entire deal. I even changed the cable,checked port, run all the way to switch so it's not my lan I figure.


On the laptop itself, basically I guess when it's not in use or I'm thinking maybe my CEO is clicking his wireless adapter or something and it's disabling the RJ45.


anyway I already tried re-installing the driver..etc. I even changed the cable. Not to familiar with the thinkpad and all of it's connection (internal wireless modem, regular wireless connection, lan and I think there is one more...LOL)


I remember reading they all have to be OFF with the FN+F5 key or something similar to that.


has anyone had this problem before or any suggestions. Like I said, I can walk over there right now and it's fine, but (I think after he takes a nap or something) he tries to go online and it's disabled. Re enables and it works before I can even make it over there.


wouldn't be a big deal if it wasn't the CEO.

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Re: network adapter disables itself. x300

Welcome to the forum!


A stab in the dark that may or may not work: go to Control Panel>"Network Connections", choose your LAN card, right click and choose "properties". Go into "configure", then into "power management" and uncheck "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"...


Good luck.



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Re: network adapter disables itself. x300

Access Connections (i think) also has an option to disable an adapter when not in use.  Correct me if I'm wrong.
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