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What's DOS?
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pointer and buttons on crack!

Soo... recently my mouse will start crawling across my screen and it will never hold still. It makes it very difficult to click on anything! Today, a new development. When I am using the touchpad and clicking (click and drag) the mouse goes haywire and either won't move or jumps across the screen. Also, the main pointer buttons, at the bottom of the touchpad, require several violent clicks to work. Scrolling on the touchpad works on an off. How do I fix this? I tried to go to the page regarding warranty status but the link was broken and I don't know what to do. My computer is almost unusable!

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Re: pointer and buttons on crack!

first, try a reboot..
if that helps the problem is obviously driver and/or OS related..
if not,
try to get into the bios and turn off the trackpoint..
see if that helps..
if so, the trackpoint is bad..
which will usually mean that lenovo will send you a new keyboard..
if not, there might be a loose cable.. you can take up the keyboard and check the connections for the trackpoint..
if no joy, then it might need to go in for warranty..
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