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Paper Tape
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Re: "Error 2100 - Hard drive initialization error"

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I currently have two of these incidents ready to deal with. In one instance the error previously appeared and then disapeared automatically and the other instance the error is accompanied by a noise so I am thinking the disk is damaged.


When I get hold of both machines i will report the hard drisk information here hopefully not two seagate disk drives.


I will be attempting to recover these disks also for data backup as there is financial data at risk here.


Hope to update you all soon.


Updated. The first of the disk drives is a wetern digital drive. WDC WD800BEVS-08RST2

I will be implimenting a replacment pc for this user and then test the fixes on this machine.


This is the pc which is cureently booting ok however the system is slow responding.


Update. Called lenovo about this issue (x61 btw) Call agent suggested replacing disk drive and running diagnostic or reseating hard disk. I expected and admission that there was a known firmware fault but apparently there isnt.  


Paper Tape
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Re: "Error 2100 - Hard drive initialization error"

This happened to me on my Thinkpad X301 while I was trying to format my Crucial RealSSD C300 1.8" 128GB SSD... (was reinstalling Windows 7). I shut off the machine, removed the battery, re-seated the SSD and voila, the machine detected it again. try that! Who knows, maybe you'll luck out.

What's DOS?
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Re: "Error 2100 - Hard drive initialization error"

I spoke with Andrea at Lenovo and she said that error is occuring because the Hard Drive is burnt out. My friends son laptop had the same issue. Pretty much goes into boot loop because the OS cannot be found due to the HDD being faulty.


Hope this helps.



What's DOS?
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Re: "Error 2100 - Hard drive initialization error"

I am using lenove X200 Tablet with Crucial m4 SSD 256GB, last day i have "2100 error". I tried to change hdd back to 320GB seagte HDD, but still have this error code?

What can I do???

buzio wrote:
Hi have a problem with my x61s.

Two days ago the computer started doing weird things under vista. I had to make a hard reboot. Since, vista never boot up. The hard drive is not even seen by the bios. And I have a "Error 2100 - Hard drive initialization error".

I went on google to find a solution and I found this :,guid,32b17bc1-db16-4f37-a4c4-f40e53d37342.aspx

But (there is a but) the solution I found only works for Hitachi/Fujistu/Toshiba, and my hard drive is a Seagate...

The problem seems common. I'm a bit disapointed, as I used the laptop for a week... I did no backup, and I'm afraid I've lost a whole week of work...

If any one has an idea ...


What's DOS?
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Re: "Error 2100 - Hard drive initialization error"

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Hello Friends,


You guys, I am struggling so hard.  SO HARD!!!  I am smart enough to google my error message, but I cannot move beyod this failure.  I am receiving this message on my X201, and am unable to move past it.  I am googling this info fir my X201 on my X250.  But still, I am unable to move past it!!


I guess my problem is multi-fold:

  • X250 did not have the same keyboard as X201 (I hate the flat keyboard!!), the speakers are spotty at best, and it is DEFINTATELY not as durable.  Left click and multi-tasking are also failing.
  • X250 was maybe defective?  I called it in AND recieved return box, but never delivered because I BOUGHT A COMPUTER THAT WAS $1200 BECAUSE I NEEDED A $1200 COMPUTER.  I work two jobs (one full time, one part time) and I go to school.  I play hockey to stay under 300 lbs and play in community concert band to stay sane.  I just bought a house because I am part of the blessed 30+ millennials, and I have a dog.  I HAVE NO TIME TO TURN STUFF IN- I can't even sleep half the time.  It's 1am on a Thursday in Detroit - go ahead, tell me I'm not trying my hardest...
    In a perfcet world, I would like a degree and to make above $30k at one single job sometime before I die.  SORRY MY COMPUTER THAT WAS NEW AND WAS SUPPOSED TO WORK TOOK A BACK BURNER TO ALL OF THAT.  I deffo wanted to turn my computer in and fix the problem, but in then end it wasn't viable.
  • I guess my warranty expired in December of last month?!!  And I can't get another and turn my X250 in over break?  STUPID.  What happens if i put it in my existing return box and ship it back anyways?!!
  • My old computer, my beautiful X201 computer, my Melon Baby, is no longer booting up.  How do I fix this?  Help me to understand.








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