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"Soft rim" TrackPoint caps for X1 Yoga?

2016-05-16, 15:22 PM

Hi everyone


For the TrackPoints of older ThinkPads, there are usually three types of replacement caps - classic dome, soft dome or soft rim. I recently bought a ThinkPad X1 Yoga which supports "super low profile" TrackPoint caps if my research is correct. I'd like to try the concave soft rim caps, but in the only super low profile pack that I've found there are only standard soft dome caps.


Do soft rim caps even exist in the super low profile variation which fit the X1 Yoga?




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Re: "Soft rim" TrackPoint caps for X1 Yoga?

2016-05-16, 18:06 PM

I was actually looking for the exact same "soft rim" trackpoint caps for the X1 Yoga that I just got a couple days ago. 


I am SHOCKED Lenovo does not have the option for the "soft rim" caps because they are by far the most loved and populare trackpoint cap preference, despite what Lenovo claims. You can easily see that the soft rim cap is the most prefered trackpoint cap by searching for discussions related to the trackpoints on various websites.


It's very sad because none of the other trackpoint caps perform nearly as well percision and speed wise. The first thing I did when I opened up my new X1 Yoga was try to put my soft rim cap on it, only to find out it uses a smaller much less effective trackpoint cap. 


This is a real con for me and I'm considering getting rid of my X1 and just using my x230T for a tablet, in addition to getting another brand of laptop with a better brighter screen and use an external mouse or the touchpad.


I would much prefer to keep using Thinkpads but the trackpoint has always been the main attraction for me.




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Re: "Soft rim" TrackPoint caps for X1 Yoga?

2016-05-29, 8:22 AM

I thought I was the only one! Ever since my T60, then my X200T, I've ALWAYS ever only used the soft rim trackpoints. I find the default one to be a bit rough, causing a pressure point on my left index finger where, after extended usage, I feel my finger becoming numb. 

I've had my X1 Yoga for about a week now, and the first thing I wanted to do was to replace the trackpoint. But to my dismay, the ones I ordered for my X200T don't fit. These new low-profile trackpoints have a smaller square hole on the bottom. Maybe I can "fill" in the hole in my replacement tackpoints somehow then carve enough space to fit on the X1 Yoga.


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Re: "Soft rim" TrackPoint caps for X1 Yoga?

2016-08-17, 10:32 AM

The new low profile trackpoint caps for the X1 4th gen and Yoga laptops are truly annoying.  The soft rim version that you could get for the older versions of the X1 were far superior, but Lenovo has not seen fit to make them and third party manufacturers have not yet discovered that they have to make a whole new version with the smaller rod that they fit on for the new X1s and Yogas.  You can make your own by taking the older soft rim caps, cutting down a new low profile one so that you just have the part surrounding the hole, and inserting that plug into the old ones.  It works, but why should customers have to fix Lenovo's problem?


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Re: "Soft rim" TrackPoint caps for X1 Yoga?

2017-01-19, 22:42 PM

I have this problem as well. Still looking for a resolution from Lenovo.

The caps on the X1 Yoga are subpar to the ones I have on my X1 Carbon. I need a revolution on this resolution plz.






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Re: "Soft rim" TrackPoint caps for X1 Yoga?

2017-02-08, 19:14 PM

Add me to the resounding chorus of people demanding the Soft Rim. The Soft Dome simply does not work as well for my needs and, I suspect, the needs of a significant amount of people. It wears too fast and has never really provided enough friction to keep my finger on it.


Bring back the Soft Rim ASAP!


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Re: "Soft rim" TrackPoint caps for X1 Yoga?

2017-06-06, 9:38 AM

Love the system, love the keyboard - track-point is really terrible. 
Had Thinkpads for over 20 years now (wow!?) and this is the first time that my hand physically strains when working longer with the system - no, it's not the "age" yet ;)

There are soooo many reports and people trying to fix the problem with sensitivity settings etc but reality is that it's the physical design of the trackpoint and cap - there is not enough leverage (height) on it to move it effortlessly - combined with the self-calibration you'll find yourelf pushing the mouse around frustratededly with a sore finger ...

Please listen and react ... (new higher cap?)



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Re: "Soft rim" TrackPoint caps for X1 Yoga?

2017-07-06, 13:28 PM

Any resolution for this? Even though the trackpoint is one of the reasons I use a Thinkpad, the trackpoint on this model has never worked well. It can only be described as inaccurate and frustrating well beyond what's acceptable so I think it's defective. If I remove the rubber pointer it's more accurate, but obviously I can't use it like that. I've just been so busy and so dreading the support process I've lived with the day to day annoyance. What's the best solution for today? I have the comprehensive service option, but I probably waited to long for this type of issue to be covered since they'll probably say it's wear and tear, even though it's been a problem since the start.


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Re: "Soft rim" TrackPoint caps for X1 Yoga?

2017-07-21, 1:46 AM

Was just researching this myself too for my X1 Carbon 5th Gen and my X1 Yoga 2nd Gen.  Not a huge fan of the caps that came on the machines.


From what I could tell, it looks like it's the OEM cap or nothing.  If anyone knows of any third party solutions for the new thin trackpoints that have the "Soft Rim", let us know!  Or, if Lenovo is listening, offer a few cap choices for your customers like you used to!  It's a big deal for many of us to have a cap that feels right to us!

2017 5th Gen. X1 Carbon + 2017 X1 Yoga 2nd Gen OLED

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Re: "Soft rim" TrackPoint caps for X1 Yoga?

2017-11-14, 1:56 AM

My solution is 3D-printing.

I'm using 3D-printed one with rubber material for thinkpad T470s. It's nice.

My material is FLX9985. It's not bad. But, harder might be good.

I uploaded the CAD model below.


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