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Fanfold Paper
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ssd broken x1 carbon 2017


this summer i bought the x1 carbon with 16gb and 1tb.

it arrived with a battery lasting only 2-3 hours. i opened a case and lenovo sent a repair box. i decided to keep it because i cannot be without a computer for three weeks and  i decided to operate it mostly plugged in. lenovo had old me that they would not take the  broken computer back unlike good american companies like apple or costco. are they not interested in happy customers?


i have to travel a lot and yesterday the ssd gave up on the five months young computer. i am shocked. this has never happened  to me before even with cheap consumer rated computers. the x1 carbon was almost 2500 loonies. lenovo sells it as a premium business class computer. now i am stuck in asia without a working computer. for the first time in my life. thanks to lenovo.


Fanfold Paper
Posts: 7
Registered: ‎06-26-2017
Location: US
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Re: ssd broken x1 carbon 2017

update a few days later: ssd works again because lenovo sent a new one fast.


the x1 carbon is not perfect but it is still one of the best travel computers out there. the closest competitor dell xps13 has coil whine and a smaller screen. it is also heavier. 

apple's macbook is too weak even after the upgrade. the maximum ssd possible is only 512g. the macbook pro with the touchbar does not provide any additional value. i have tried it out. it gets very hot, too hot to keep it on your lap. the battery is only 5-6 hours. the macbook pro cannot be opened, it is heavier and it cannot run an open os.


turns out lenovo is a good company.

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