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Paper Tape
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x1 carbon 6th gen or t480s



I'm about to upgrade my t450s. Im looking at the x1 and the t480s. With the same specs, i7, 16gb, 512gb, whqd 300nit. The t480s is a bit cheaper. Will I notice any difference or is the t480s as good? + on that one is sd card reader, ethernet and that i can upgrade to 24gb. I use some heavy files some times as I'm a photographer. 


Any input welcome.

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Re: x1 carbon 6th gen or t480s

I chose the X1C6 for myself, but I did consider the T480s. Not a photographer, though.


AFAIK, the other differences at that point:



a slightly larger size/weight (slightly - several mm in each direction, and 1/2 lbs [~300g] more weight])

slightly shallower KB (not sure this will entirely matter to you)

2 lane TB3 (not 4 lane)

no Thinkshutter

supposedly a slightly better cooling system



You're a photographer? Do you use fullsize SD cards or WiFi? The microSD card reader on the X1C6 isn't the easiest to get to and use. It's doable without tools, but still not wholly convinent. 


The NVMe interface is the same on both laptops (x4 lanes), so I don't forsee any bottlenecks if you are planning to upgrade to a 970Pro.


The X1C6 has two TB3 / USBC 3.1 gen2 ports, whereas the t480s has one TB3 / USBC 3.1 gen2 and one USBC 3.1 gen1. This probably won't matter.


The t480s is harder to upgrade with LTE if you don't chose it from the factory.


The t480s KB is chearper and  easier to replace, in the event you ever bork it.


The main two draws of the X1C6 are the "HDR" display (but it's very glossy; the regular 1080p panels in the X1C6 are also of generally better quality than the t480s/t480 1080p panels) and the fullrate TB3 implementation. If neither are in your wheelhouse, the X1C6 won't hold much of a practical advantage.

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