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x1 carbon loose hinge bezel

2013-02-07, 20:09 PM



I received x1 carbon touch in late December. First I ran into touch screen issue. This issue was fixed by running a calibration program I got from my internal Lenovo support.


Yesterday when I opened the laptop I heard a cracking noise and the hinge separated from the cover and screen is also loose. The screen is not cracked and laptop still works.

Whenever I open the laptop the screen separates from the bezel. I push them together and they snap but always separate when I open or close the laptop.

I showed it to my technician at work and he told me that warranty will not cover this issue as it is physical damage.

There was not physical damage to my X1 carbon touch. Now we have to pay for new lcd bezel, hinge kit and rear LCD cover. These may be expensive and I have no way of knowing if this will happen again.,


After using Lenovo PC's for the past 10 years this is unexpected. I saw one more person who can the exact same problem.


Let me know if you have any suggestion for me.


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Re: x1 carbon loose hinge bezel

2014-07-21, 21:59 PM

Had the same problem on my daughter's X1 Carbon Touch (34xx). Disassembled per the hardware manual to see what was wrong. Turns out that the two right-hand-side hinge screws had detached from the cover because the brass fitting into which they were screwed had become separated from the cover (they were just wedged into a plastic hole), effectively freeing the cover.


Not impressed with the design.


Am investigating brass-to-plastic glues...


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Re: x1 carbon loose hinge

2014-07-27, 4:59 AM

My 10 month old X1 Carbon has just developed a loose-hinge problem. The left hinge becomes loose during opening and closing the lid, causing the upper half of the Thinkpad (lid with LCD) to slide out-of-square with the bottom part. The computer works well despite of this. This seems to be a persistent defect with X1 CARBON ThinkPads. This is clearly a problem they should cover under warranty. I will call the support line tomorrow to find out.

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