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Punch Card
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x1 extreme unusable in windows; always freezing + black screen

On my 2nd X1 extreme, the first was bricked. Everytime I boot into Windows, I experience a freeze and afterwards a black screen after some time (a minute or so). The laptop became unusable in windows. I have all the windows and vantage updates. I disabled all remote management stuff in the bios, disabled all secure boot settings, set some keyboard preferences (swap ctrl-fn etc.) and changed my graphics adapter to discrete only.


I tried windows restore and after experiencing some blue screens, that helps a bit: still freezing, but not always. When I reapply all windows and vantage updates the laptop goes back to the same behaviour: boot into windows and after a minute or so a total freeze, followed by a black screen some 5 seconds later and still later fans spinning up to full speed. The updates include the latest graphics drivers, and I think the issue maybe has something to do with these graphic updates, but not sure.

Some more observations:

- The laptop never froze when Windows was applying updates. This takes longer then the usual time to have it freeze.

- During updating the laptop, when I logged into windows, I sometimes got a windows notification saying the gfx driver failed to start and windows is reverting to a generic driver. I can't remember exactly, but I think the laptop never froze when using the generic one.


I run the machine in dual boot and on linux the behaviour is absent. It does have sleep issues in Linux where it also freezes when coming out of sleep, but I think that to be a separate problem.


I haven't tried removing all graphics driver and always use the generic one. Maybe that is a temporary solution to make windows usable again. Will try that this evening and post my findings.


All in all, I can't seem to find the exact same issue online and any help on fixing this would be appreciated.

Punch Card
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Re: x1 extreme unusable in windows; always freezing + black screen

An update: After installing BIOS v1.17 I haven't ran into this issue anymore. Fingers crossed that it stays that way.

Paper Tape
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Re: x1 extreme unusable in windows; always freezing + black screen

I recently bought an X1 Extreme and I'm experiencing a similar issue (minus the black screen). I transferred files from my previous ThinkPad to my new one yesterday. Since then, Windows/File Explorer freezes every time I try to open, rename or move a file. Nothing I have done has helped. My available storage is 818 GB of 952 GB free.

I took these steps to try to fix the issue (in the order below):
1. System maintenance troubleshooter - Windows

2. Clean boot - Windows
3. Hardware scan - Lenovo
4. ThinkPad BIOS update v.1.17 - Lenovo
5. January 2019 and October 2018 updates for x64-based Systems (KB4480976 and KB4100347) - Windows


I thought I'd try the forum before putting in a ticket. Suggestions are most welcome. dThanks in advance!

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