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x100e excess heat culprit found

my x100e was just getting too hot. too **bleep** hot. Smiley Mad darn thing started shutting off on me fairly regularly.


so i took the entire thing apart. heres what i found:


a) too much factory thermal compound was originall applied. this will decrease cooling performance.




b) most of the thermal compound on my CPU was 'burned' off. i think this is due to the x100e being a hot system to begin with, and lenovo using cheapo thermal compound.


pics (sorry, camera phone):       < heatsink and CPU right after i pulled it off


^ notice the thermal compound all around the edges. quite a bit really.      < close up of the CPU. 


^ notice all the bare CPU real estate. not good.        < close up of clean heatsink and CPU


^ clean


after it was cleaned, i used some basic arctic silver 5.


the result?


a modest improvement. used to hit 80 (via TP Fan Control) regularly under full load, and would occasionally hit 85 with 100% fan. now, it hits mid 70s under full loud, with the rare 80... but once the 100% fan kicks in, it very quickly drops to mid 70s. these temps are with fresh thermal compound, so the temps should improve a tiny bit over time as well.



no shut downs yet, and the fan is generally less active. all in all a win. my x100e is still a very warm machine, but if it isnt forcing itself to shut down, im happier.


its a small pain to basically do a full disassemble of the x100e, but improvements can be had.


hope this helps anyone.




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Re: x100e excess heat culprit found

hey, i wanna do the same thing on my x100e. can you tell me what do i have to remove to get access to heatsink and cpu? that would help me alot cause i dont know where is located.

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Re: x100e excess heat culprit found



A couple of things that should help: the Hardware Maintenance Manual, and the training video (hit the "take course" button).


Hardware Maintenance Manual


ThinkPad X100e



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Re: x100e excess heat culprit found

I affectionately refer to my x100e as "THE WAFFLE IRON".  Sending it back to Lenovo for a MB swap barely changed anything so now I only use it in the winter.  Smiley LOL

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Re: x100e excess heat culprit found

i did it! disassembled whole thing because it is needed to get access to heatsink and cpu and this is what i found:


crap on down side of heatsink:


closeup on crap on cpu:


after i cleaned it up i put a little bit of my own thermal paste and screwed all thing back.

and i tested it playing 3D game for 20 minutes, here are results:

  • before cleaning during playing temperature went up to 87°C
  • after cleaning during playing temperature went up to 75°C
  • before cleaning cooldown after closing game was down to 52°C
  • after cleaning cooldown after closing game was down to 46°C in 4.5 mins

so obviously this helped. looks like that fabric thermal paste that they put in lenovo factory is bad, and also i think they put too much of it. so after few years under high x100e heat paste change its structure into something clay like and starts to suffocate poor processor and unable to get rid of that heat his end is inevitable.


i followed disassembly steps that zoltan provided:

but they omitted few things like they didn't mention i have to disconnect wlan cables and during systemboard disassembly they omitted didn't mention i have to disconnect one connector. and this is dangerous because if you are disconnecting part without disconnecting all cables and connectors first you can make damage. so before you remove any part inspect from all sides if there is anything still attached.


thank you guys im off.



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Re: x100e excess heat culprit found

X100e - 3508-2UG - Overheating


When looking in the HW Maint Manual you are advised to use thermal rubber. When I did the machine got overheated. (se pic).


When reading this conversation you use thermal paste.


Pls advice.


Thx, Kenneth in Stockholm


ps when I removed the fan/heatsink, there was thermal paste on the closest place  to the fan and thermal rubber on the one at the end (I don't knw the names of the two.

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Re: x100e excess heat culprit found

[ Edited ]

man, i dont know what is thermal rubber,

all i used was thermal paste and it worked fine.

be sure NOT to put too much of it because it will overheat, also don't put too little.

and put it on both those squares (bigger one is CPU, smaller one is GPU)

clean old thermal paste from under of heatsink and both CPU and GPU, (use toothpick if you can't reach some of it)

then apply new one

don't apply on the sides of squares (CPU and GPU), put it directly on those shiny squares (CPU and GPU)

see some youtube videos on how to apply thermal paste (also known as thermal compound)

thermal paste is only applied to contact areas between CPU and heatsink so it helps exchange of heat between CPU and heatsink.

i am using "Arctic MX-2" thermal paste

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