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Paper Tape
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Re: x120e Flickering

@im_sorry_dave, thank you very much for the tip. I checked mine and it was like version 8.8 something.?. I just updated also, lets keep are fingers crossed ! Again Thank You!

Punch Card
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Re: x120e Flickering

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Ideapad s205 here.

Also flickering, even on external monitor. Power Play disabled, etc.


Mother board replaced by Lenovo, flickering continues Smiley Sad 

Paper Tape
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Re: x120e Flickering



I've two x120e with flickering lines on the screen!


Deactivating AMD Powerplay works since 1 Month! I've never seen flickering again!! Smiley Very Happy



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Re: x120e Flickering

I deactivated powerplay and still get flickering.


I have updated to the latest amd catalyst 11.12 and still get the flickering.


So far this is a very pricey flickering notebook

Paper Tape
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Re: x120e Flickering

I was getting the flickering at least once every 2-3 days until I updated the Catalyst (now called Vision Engine Control Center) software (I'm currently on version 11.12).  That was over a month ago, and since then I've been 100% flicker-free.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: x120e Flickering

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I just wanted to post this, in order to make others aware of the fact, that we Ideapad S205 users are having the exact same issue. This problem is not limited to Lenovo hardware either. It is a well-known issue accross several machines, including machines from Asus, HP, Lenovo, etc. (almost everything with AMD E350/E450).

You can follow our discussion on the German boards:

The recommended work-arounds (disabling Powerplay etc.) is not an usable solution - to some of us.

The newest Fusion drivers from AMD can help with the flicker, if you're lucky. In my case, after upgrading to the newest drivers, the flicker is almost completely gone on my internal monitor, but now it's visible on my external monitor, which I have attached via HDMI.

This problem seems to be random or could be a combined problem in direct combination with flash video, video in general or who knows what else (energy-saving options in Windows, issues combined with RAM/HDD upgrade etc. - read the links below).

I have noticed this problem in Windows 8 dev. preview too. Some say, that this has also been visible under Linux (with Open Source drivers and with prop. drivers), which could mean; it could be a hardware-related issue.

For Lenovo, in case you guys still don't have a clue what we are talking about here:

In order for you to understand, I will provide a few Links, so you can SEE what WE see.



And more:

d) (Video)
e) (Video)
f) (Video)
g) (Video)
h) (AMD Forum)
j) (Video)

k) (Video)

Again: This is not limited to Lenovo-only hardware.


If the above links do not provide enough information on this issue, then please consider:


"Show no fear, for she *the lines* may fade away. In your hand, The birth of a new day. Lives that keep their secrets will unfold behind the clouds, & there upon the Rainbow"


1. I have shown no fear and I have waited patiently.

2. The birth of a new day = I have tried a new driver - success is limited.

3. Lives that keep their secrets will unfold behind the clouds, & there upon the Rainbow = IT'S A DOUBLE RAINBOW! *freaks out* ... = I can still see the fricking lines and I don't have a clue why! Lenovo, do you know a little secret? A secret you've been meaning to tell us? Oh do ah diii...Smiley Sad

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Re: x120e Flickering

Ok, I'm sorry to bring this up.


I installed Windows 8 consumer preview yesterday. All went smooth with my x120e.


But, I had the screen flickering three times from last night. It happened after the screen was turned off, as specified in power options.


For the moment, I just deactivated the automatic monitor turn off, and set it to never.


But, anyways the screen flickering is there with Windows 8 CP too. Anyone else???



I'm just a volunteer. I like to help others where I can. Do my ideas work? I hope so. o_O
Who helped you today? Do not forget to thank him.
My hardware: TP x120e 0596-2ru. Windows 7, sp1, 64Bit, English, installed in UEFI mode.
Punch Card
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Re: x120e Flickering

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Edit: not working Smiley Sad

Punch Card
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Re: x120e Flickering

for me it doesn't work. I still have flickers, just not so often
Token Ring
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Re: x120e Flickering

Suffering from intermittant lines at the top of my x120e screen too so read this thread with interest. I tried (in vain) to update AMD Catalyst Control Centre yesterday but boy do they make it tricky. No obvious easy way to update, nasty interface, no obvious download point on the AMD site. Anyway, in the end I downloaded the easy/tiny AMD Driver Autodetect tool which I found here;


This suggested an upgrade (some 250mb) for my win7 64 install so I took it. It appears to have removed Catalyst Control Centre as far as I can see (although it did not mention that) and has replaced it  with 'AMD Vision Engine Control Centre'. Flicker has gone  Smiley Happy   So far anyway.

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