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Re: X120E Flickering light

drskhan wrote:

Dear Lenovo Expertise,


I recently purchased Lenovo X120e. Only 1 month old.


Recently it started "flickering" line that sometimes appear & then disappears.


Pls advise.


Dr. Shahzad

Does it happen right away when the machine is started up (or woken from sleep/hibernate) or only after a while of use?


For me, when I had my X120e, it seems to happen after a couple hours use or more, like when something warms up enough. When it was cold booted or woken from sleep it never happened.

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Re: x120e Flickering

I had a similar thing happen and it was driving me crazy. I read somewhere to turn off Powerplay in the Catalyst Control Center. Only thing was I could NEVER get the CCC to open! Anyway, I read somewhere else to download the AMD Vision Engine Control Center from the AMD website and use that in place of the CCC. I did that and then turned off the Powerplay feature (and the annoying Vari-Bright option) and I haven't seen the flickering ever since.


It would usually happen once I had been using the computer for a few hours and it was only at the very, very top of the screen. However, as mentioned, it seems to have stopped since installing the AMD Vision Engine Control Center.

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Re: x120e Flickering

Had this bite me on a brand new X120e out of box from Lenovo today. Started a warranty return thinking the panel was defective. As I was sitting on hold (45 minutes before getting disconnected!), I was going through and uninstalling all the OEM preloaded annoyware. I was noticing that the Win7 authorization requests which triggered screen mode changes were causing the flickering lines fairly consistently. Took the reboot after nuking some Lenovo packages, and suddenly no more flickering, even under the same conditions. Will watch to see if the problem rears its head again. Also, if someone happens to know whether Win7 logs package uninstalls done through the control panel, I will dig up a list of what I removed. (I left things like drivers and the Catalyst Control Center, but removed all the Lenovo warranty and tech support stuff, as well as the Norton demo/annoyware.)
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Re: x120e Flickering

@MWhitson - Would appreciate if you can give me an update on your machine if its still fickering. Also if you can share a list of programs you have uninstalled. I have just ordered mine - a refurb - so I am preparing for the horrors that are about to unfold. Had i known this sooner, I may have just ordered a different machine.

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Re: x120e Flickering

Any updates with your machine after installing the AMD Vision Engine Control Center?
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Re: x120e Flickering

I am having absolutely the same flickering issue with my Thinkpad E125.



AMD E-350

1x4GB RAM (SAMSUNG). Original that came with the laptop.

Latest drivers.

Latest BIOS.

Windows 7 Ultimate +SP1  +all the patches and fixes installed.


I`v played 3D FPS game for 2 hours (for testing purposes), then I left it stay IDLE for 1 hour, and after that when I returned to check the www news the flickering started. It was flickering with both Firefox and Chrome, with both Aero Enabled and Aero Disabled. Only time it was not flickering was when there were no opened programs on the Desktop.


I emediately restarted to Linux to check if the problem is present there, but as you all know restarting makes the problem go away (temporarly).


Imagine my disappointment when my brand new Thinkpad didn`t pass my reliability test.


p.s. Laptop was running on battery during IDLE and when the flickering started.


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Re: x120e Flickering

I have just been browsing the net looking for a fix for the X120e flicker and have discovered that other AMD E350 machines also have a flickering problem like the Asus 1215B and HP DM1. Strafeb also experienced this on his Edge E125.


They talk about the video flickering on the AMD forum. They are saying it is a driver issue. Am not a techie so i really have no idea how to fix it. Am just lending some insight in hope that one of you can finally figure it out.


I think downloading the AMD Vision Engine Control Center and tweaking it as discussed in the AMD forum might fix it. Can somebody pls try it out and give a an update? My machine is still on its way to me as i type this.

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Re: x120e Flickering

[ Edited ]

I think, that in the Zacate´s desing is something wrong.

This flickering problem is typical for more AMD E-x50 machines!

This is not only Lenovo problem!


I have HP 635 (with Zacate too), and I have flickering lines too.

Other manufacturers and their Zacate´s net/notebook have the same problem.

You can google.


It is very insane, very pissed issue... Im not surprised that Lenovo´s engineers are totaly helpless.Smiley Very Happy

The only defense is not to APU idle. If APU idle, you get flickering.

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Re: x120e Flickering

Hey there


i hope this thread isnt dead yet,im from england/uk and i went and bought a Lenovo Ideapad S205 thismorning and have since noticed these very lines across my screen,i initially thaught it was a hardware/screen problem till i started digging around and found this thread and a few vids on youtube from people with the same problem.


the laptop is only a few hours old bought from pc world (because its the only place i could find one) i was realy excited about buying one of these or the HPdm1z or X120e but in the end i got the Ideapad S205,now i dont seem to be all that excited at all considering ive just sold my far supperior Shuttle pc (im downsizing) to pay for this,,are there any updates on the problem from engineers it seems this thread is months old with no progress.


anyway just wanted to put my case across as it clearly seems to be related to all these AMD E350 machines not just one model,,any help apreciated.


windows 7 home premium sp1 64bit

3gb ram

320 gb hd

all stock drivers etc nothing changed.





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Re: x120e Flickering

I am also having this issue... I have these flickering lines going across the screen. It goes on and off temporarily for ever like couple seconds.

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