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x120e: Windows 7, mouse lag?

2012-02-05, 18:40 PM

Just recently bought my first lenovo product.

So far it's pretty nice. 


It is my first netbook/smaller laptop and being aware of speed problems prior,  I did some updating after purchase:

Installed a Crucial 128gb SSD.

Upgraded to 8gb RAM. 

Despite relative speed increases due to upgrades, I still though x120e seemed slow, and came to pinpoint that perceived sluggishness to the mouse. 

Of note, when in, say, Gmail, I checkmark a box with a right-click and the actual checking of the box seems to happen a half second later. 

Of note, I'm using my first bluetooth mouse, a refurbished Lenovo brand. But I also tried my old Logitech and experienced the same delay. 

Another of note, I can't quite recall whether or not the mouse sluggishness was there prior to cloning the drive (something, too, I'd never done before). 

Is this Windows 7 specific? 64-bit pre-installed. Processor specific? Mouse drivers seem up to date.

Any thoughts to possible solutions?

Other than that, enjoying the x120e much!





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Re: x120e: Windows 7, mouse lag?

2012-02-06, 4:16 AM
Sounds like there is something with a high priority eating your CPU cycles. I think you should try update all your drivers to the newest, update your BIOS and all other firmwares to the newest, check for viruses and malwares or bots, and do a disk check on your system volume. If all these not helping, then you may need to try a re-installation of the OS.

Hope this helps.

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Re: x120e: Windows 7, mouse lag?

2012-02-06, 6:25 AM



Is the slowdown noticed if you use the internal pointing devices?




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Re: x120e: Windows 7, mouse lag?

2012-02-10, 2:05 AM

I believe everything, BIOS included, SSD included, updated soft- and firm- ware wise.

Maybe it's just the processor speed?

To reply #2, actually, the internal "left button" seems sluggish, too; it's hard for me to compare though...


Could an error in cloning my drive be at all a factor?

I do notice that less Lenovo Recovery has less free space than it did initially...

On another tangent, how would I go about reinstalling Win 7 when it was pre-installed in the first place (Professional), and with no CD drive?


Thanks for the responses thus far. I'm a bit of a noobie to some of this.


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Re: x120e: Windows 7, mouse lag?

2012-02-11, 2:30 AM
You'd have to use a either a USB stick or a USB drive. As long as you have a working 8GB bootable USB flash drive, you can use the Factory Recovery thing to make a bootable backup of the initial install. You can also just look around to see how to make a bootable Windows 7 installation media if you wanted to start from scratch.

As for the initial query, which browser are you using? If you can open up the Task Manager and have it running to the side showing processor utilization while you're doing things might be helpful in determining what's causing your slowdown.
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