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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎12-19-2011
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x120e gsm+gps+3g adapter

Hello! For almost a year I am the owner of this laptop! Magnificent and I am very pleased. RAM has increased with the help of your forum, thank you! Smiley Happy
When you install the memory pointed out that there is a slot for 3G/GSM/GPS adapter with SIM card. So the question arose, what adapter you can connect without any problems there? Is there any lock in the BIOS?
model - x120e thinkpad without 3g.
At the auctions have seen a lot of cards! But what kind of suit - does not understand. And what better to put, GSM / GPS / 3G? Or better to have separate GSM and GPS card? I would like to GSM+GPS in combination, for better coordination and communication in generalSmiley Happy And if anyone knows whether strongly affect the energy consumption of a laptop? Thank you!

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Re: x120e gsm+gps+3g adapter



From looking at the Hardware Maintenance Manual, the following 3G adapter cards are supported:


Integrated Mobile Broadband (Gobi 2000 3G with GPS) FRU # 60Y3183

Integrated Mobile Broadband for Malaysia SKU (Gobi 2000 3G with GPS) FRU # 60Y3259

Integrated Mobile Broadband for Russia SKU (Gobi 2000 3G with GPS) FRU # 60Y3245

Integrated China Mobile Mobile Broadband (Leadcore LC5370D) FRU # 60Y3225

Integrated China Telecom Mobile Broadband (Huawei EM660) FRU # 60Y3227


I believe that the model you require is the first one, but please check with your local Lenovo support to verify this.




Aryeh Goretsky


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Blue Screen Again
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎12-19-2011
Location: Germany
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Re: x120e gsm gps 3g adapter

Thank you very much! Now a slightly different question is specifically about the gobi:
Is it possible to use the Gobi 2000 marked other notebooks? Third party, such as DELL, HPSpecifically, under the Lenovo is not so easy to find, and counterparts - is on every corner. For example: (from ebay)


Dell 5620 Gobi2000 Un2420 3G WCDMA WWAN UMTS Card GPS

Or is it better to stick to the recommendations at the Hardware Maintenance Manual. (link, If anyone needed - )

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Location: USA

Re: x120e gsm gps 3g adapter

Probably not, given the whitelist that Lenovo stuck in the BIOS to prevent installation of non-Lenovo parts in the mini-PCIe slots.