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Fanfold Paper
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x120e sleep / hibernation issues

I bought this machine about 4 months ago and as far as i remember the sleep / hibernation has never worked correctly. 


So i have it set to sleep when the lid is closed, although when I close it I can see the green leds on the front near the track pad never moves into sleep. It just kind of hangs and when i open the lid the screen remains black forcing me to shut off the system by holding down the power button. I thought this would be resolved with newer firmware but doesn't look like it. 


Windows 7 SP1  

Model - 05962RU

BIOS - 1.14

Former Employee
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Re: x120e sleep / hibernation issues

hey damoseisun,

have you tried upgrading the Power Management software and have you tried without it ?

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: x120e sleep / hibernation issues




Sorry for the late response here... 


To answer your question, yes, I've updated the Power Management S/W as well as the PM driver and BIOS. I've tested the sleep function with and without the S/W installed, however in both scenarios the system fails to come out of sleep or perhaps it's never entered sleep. I can't tell, the screen switches off but and I’m unable to bring it back. Forcing a hard shutdown. This is quite an annoying issue and I’ve actually lost unsaved documents because it.


Current Config:

Power Manager 3   Version 3.62

Power Manager Driver - 1.64

BIOS - 8FET31WW (1.15)


I will note that I was able to pull it out of sleep mode a couple of times a few months back. I thought maybe it was fixed but the problem continues.


If I lived in the U.S where purchased this machine I would simply send it to Lenovo and get my money back. However this is not an option since I live in Colombia. Is it possible to take it to Lenovo Colombia? 


Other issues I’ve noticed.

  1. Space bar is not working correctly. The right side of the key has lost sensitivity and often does not register when pressed. Also very annoying.
  2. The paint has stripped away from the bottom of the case revealing the silver under coat. This does not really bother me although will make it harder to sell in future. 


Community SeniorMod
Community SeniorMod
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Re: x120e sleep / hibernation issues



I wonder if there might have been some sort of problem with a corrupt setting in the operating system or with one of the drivers responsible for handling sleep or hibernation.


As part of troubleshooting this issue, did you try reloading the operating system from the recovery partition (or the recovery media) adn then running Windows Update and ThinkVantage System Update to get the ThinkPad X120e fully updated?




Aryeh Goretsky


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Fanfold Paper
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Re: x120e sleep / hibernation issues


No I haven’t tried that. I'll try this weekend and let you know if it resolves the issue. thx

Fanfold Paper
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Re: x120e sleep / hibernation issues

I just got around to re-installing windows and this seemed to have fixed the issue. Sleep and hibernation are both working. Latest power management driver (1.64) installed however I did not install the power manager software. Thanks for the advise. 

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