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[x130e] Fn key locked after hibernation/sleep

I got a new x130e notebook for school, but whenever it goes into hibernation(or sleep, I don't know the difference), it wakes up with fn key locked.


I use vim for programming and it requires extensive use of escape key, which turns into "mute" while fn key is locked, and greatly hinders my ability to use my laptop.


I once even pressed f5 to refresh a webpage only to find my wifi misteriously get disabled with no way to turn it back on unless I realized that fn+f5 toggles wifi in a way that cannot be enabled via wifi options of the operating system -- I had to press fn f5 again but I ended up restarting my laptop...


I know that this is an old problem but I cannot find any definite authoritative solutions online that I can trust.


I heard that a BIOS update could help but I am running Ubuntu MATE operating system, and don't want to take risks removing all my configuration just to install Windows so I update BIOS only to find that it won't fix anything(I want to be sure it'll fix it so I can avoid being disappointed later).


Does anyone know a definite solution to this problem?


PS: My current BIOS version is 8RET52WW (1.15)


Thanks ahead of time!



What's DOS?
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Re: [x130e] Fn key locked after hibernation/sleep

I am also having this issue. Same computer, too.

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