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x131e (Intel) safely remove external USB3 drive problem w/Win8.1

Since upgrading to Windows 8.1 (or perhaps it was occuring before...) I'm unable to 'Safely remove' or 'Eject' external USB3 drives (I have 2) without having the computer claim that the drives need to be scanned for errors the next time they're connected.

When I then connect the same drives to my office PC's USB3 ports I initially get the same "scan for errors" prompt. But any further attaching and unattaching the same drives to my office Windows 7 PC does not have the error.

I've searched for USB3 updates (firmware and/or driver) and have not found any Windows 8 or 8.1 specific updates for this system. Everything has been kept up to date using the Lanovo update utility.

When scanned for errors there has never been any errors discovered. The 2.5" drives (one Seagate the other WD) are in an Vantec USB3 external enclosures that use a '2 USB plug system'; one for data and one for power. My usual removal method is to click on the 'Windows Explorer Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media' icon on the Taskbar and select Exejt for the drive and then wait until the 'Safe to remove' message pops up.

Has anyone else been seen similar behaviour on their system and do you know if it's USB3 dirver/firmware related, or a 'feature' in Windows 8.1?


I can live with the problem as I'm sure that the drive is not being removed while data is being written and Indexing is desabled on my external drives. But I prefer using a computer that does not exhibit these sort of problems.

Thanks for any info on a fix.


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