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What's DOS?
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x131e questions

Hello all,


Well I have been shopping for a laptop for some time now and I think the x131e is going to be the machine for me but before I pull the trigger I have a few questions


1. planning to install an Xfce environment, either vanilla Debian w/Xfce or Xubuntu.  I only really need a basic email/web browsing/light office use type computer here.  And one I can muck around with a few Linux distros in.  Am I going to be alright if I cut corners by going w/the AMD processor? Does it significantly impair battery life? 


2. I have seen on other posts that RAM and HDD are upgradeable.  I was thinking of going with a regular HDD initially and upping to a SSD aftermarket as I don't really know if I need 128 GB.  I use a chromebook now and I don't even really touch the 16GB internal mem as I am so used to cloud computing at this point


3. Is the battery life rating fairly accurate? 8.5 hours quoted seems quite high to me for a cheaper laptop.  I'd be very happy if I could push it that long


4. How is fan noise on the x131e? Does it get very noisy or hot? 


Thanks in advance for any responses! Smiley Happy 

What's DOS?
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Re: x131e questions

1) can't help you there.

2) you should be fine using any combination of HDD, RAM, Processor for what you want to do.

3) that does seem a bit high, but it's prob close. I don't really use them, but I do service and maintain 500 of them for this school year, but i never looked into the battery since we have 1 year warrenty and get newer model laptops each school year.

4) The fan is not noisey, it is quiet and i havn't had any cases of it getting hot and overheating.

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