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Punch Card
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x1c's USB 3.0 Dock/hub, or the 73P2620 Keyboard?

I was going to buy the USB 3.0 dock/hub in order to make it more convenient to use a desktop monitor, keyboard, connecting to a printer, etc., until I recently saw this 73P2620 Lenovo Keyboard.


That gave me an idea:


this keyboard just might have the amazing tactile feedback of the old IBM keyboards (a la Cherry keyboard's keys),  plus, it has 2 USB 2.0 convenience ports.   That would allow me to plug the printer every day to the keyboard, or, rather, leaving the printer connected at all times to this keyboard on the work desk,  and everyday upon arrival, merely connect the monitor to the x1c's mini DisplayPort to HDMI dongle, and the keyboard to the x1c's USB 2 or USB 3 port.


this would, as mentioned, have the additional benefit of a proper desktop keyboard, convenience USB 2.0 ports,  and less cost vis-a-vis the USB 3.0 Dock/hub.


may i ask if anyone has experience with this 73P2620 Lenovo Keyboard?


thx in advance.


here's a link:


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Re: x1c's USB 3.0 Dock/hub, or the 73P2620 Keyboard?



I use this keyboard with my ThinkPad at work.


A USB 2.0 "Full Speed" connection means it is actually a USB 1.1-style 12 Mbps connection.  It is USB 2.0 "High Speed" which operates at  the faster 480 Mbps speed.  The two USB ports are fine for plugging in devices like a mouse, though.




Aryeh Goretsky


I am a volunteer and neither a Lenovo nor a Microsoft employee.

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Punch Card
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Aryeh, may i ask...

Hi Aryeh, thanks for your post. May I ask how the touch and tactile feedback is like on that keyboard? Is it superb like the old IBM keyboards, or like Thinkpad keyboards, or...?
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Re: x1c's USB 3.0 Dock/hub, or the 73P2620 Keyboard?

i got like 4 of these keyboards with my ThinkCentre and ThinkStation.

This kb is pretty bad in terms of key feel and tactility. If you want cherry key feel get a real mechanical keyboard, there are heaps on the market. Or get the modern IBM Model M keyboard (or their recent) incarnations made by Unicomp.

I use Razer, Das, SteelSeries mechanical keyboards for games, and Unicomp black Ultra classic/Leopold tenkeyless keyboard for work, etc.

I just got the ThinkPad USB 3.0 dock, and i can say unequivocally that it rocks. You get 2 external LCD + great sound from the audio jack + usb 3.0 hub + ethernet (X1C doesn't have native ethernet port).

Jin Li

May this year, be the year of 'DO'!

I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft
Punch Card
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Re: x1c's USB 3.0 Dock/hub, or the 73P2620 Keyboard?

Hi there!  Thx for your info re: that wired keyboard.


i'm not ready for the Cherry-type keyboard, as much as i enjoy that action.


essentially,   i want a Logitech type keyboard with a bit more of the old fashioned tactile feedback feel of a Thinkpad keyboard.    sort of like what some old HP calculators have --  that knowledge that a key has been fully depressed and the action has properly engage


may i ask you to tell me in greater detail please what the action is on this wired keyboard?


also:   are you able to ascertain how good the USB convenience ports are?   are they truly USB 2.0  High speed ports?  or are they merely the old, legacy, USB 1.1 ports?


thx so much!

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