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Re: x201 random shutdown...

Same Problem with me -
X201 Overheat on a Ultrabase!

Any solutions? Thank you!
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Re: x201 random shutdown...

This thread should have the sticky removed, too.  The last post to it was in July.

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Re: x201 random shutdown...

Ok Thor,


Agree - don't think we are going to learn much more on this one.


One suggestion I would make on this one is to check operating temps - we've found some X201's with fans that were choked with dust and cleaning them resolved it.   But, this doesn't seem like an active issue at this time.



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Re: x201 random shutdown...

I believe it's indeed related to high temps, but not just that, because the system fails to wake up from sleep. My unverified theory is that once the CPU or some other component once reaches critical temperature, although the system doesn't shut down at that time, it refuses to return from sleep the next time. Could be that some "critical temperature reached" bit is left set somewhere, and once the system sees that at startup, although the system is completely cool, it shuts itself down.
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Re: x201 random shutdown...



I found and fixed the problem of my lenovo closing down a few weeks back after all this time. I was actually about to give my computer away to someone free of charge, i was that annoyed, then i found the fix by accident and you will be very surprised at the fix.


I bought compressed air, sprayed it inside all the vents on my computer, turned it back on and it has never closed down since !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know that dust gets into the computer but this issue started a few months after i bought it. I really did not suspect dust when the computer is only a few months old. I guess being such a small computer it will get clogged up far quicker than another normal size laptop will.


So that is fixed, thank you to all for you input, i hope this fixes someone else's issue as well. Now onto the next issue:


Bloody bluetooth has stopped working !!!!!!!! rebuilt to 32 bit back to 64 bit, de-installed, re-installed etc etc etc the usual stuff we all do. Anyway, i have opened up a new thread for this.






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Re: x201 random shutdown...

[ Edited ]

Hard to believe but vacuuming the area around the fan and cooling elements (without opening the machine) did the trick! I consistenly got shutdowns using handbrake (video encoding). After reading the posts here I downloaded Real Temp 3.7 and indeed got 100c when launching an encode, dropping back to 60C immediately when I stopped it. After the vacum fix, temp levels out at around 80C during encode!
Always amazed by low tech solutions applied to high tech gear! Not sure if it does any good to the electronics - my dad who used to build satellites always told me that blowing air around sensitive electronics could lead to build up of static electricity...and harm the components....anyway, it worked for me!

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Re: x201 random shutdown...success here too

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I was having similar problems: sudden total loss of power, oddly even if the computer (X201T) was just idling on the desk, and also lots of blue screens when sleeping (either as a result of closing the lid, or by commanding sleep directly)


That didn't seem like an overheat problem to me.  Furthermore, I downloaded a copy of "Core Temp" and ran the Lenovo stress test. Both processors at some point got up to 98 degrees, which while not quite the maximum, is pretty hot, I think. (the maximum is 105) Oddly the computer still didn't shut down. So more support for the shutdown problem being not an overheat problem, even though the computer is arguably overheating.


But I decided to try the vacuum trick mentioned above, and gave everything a good cleanse. Subsequent stress tests got the processors only up into the 70s, so much better, and, I don't seem to be experiencing any blackscreens (a couple of days now) and, oddly, it now goes to sleep properly! Edit: blue screens on sleep are back (but black screens still gone)





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x201 random shutdown...My Updates



I thought I would share an update regarding my X201.  I have some earlier posts in this thread regarding my previous shutdown issues.


My PC has been running fine now for some time with no “sudden or random” shutdowns.

(Note: I don’t have the “Ultrabase” so all of this is related to a PC that is “undocked”).


I think the two major (and perhaps only reasons) for sudden my shudden shutdowns were:


1) Excess dust in heat sink = overheating

    (My PC now runs much cooler now after cleaning/keeping clean plus I “optimised” some power settings)


2) Sleep / hibernation settings  

    (Intel AMT Control in BIOS settings >>> Changed from Enabled to Disabled)


To recap:


About 1.5 years ago my PC was running hot and would shut down abruptly. I did all kinds of things like changing different settings, etc. and then, later on, I did a clean re-install of the OS (Windows 7 Pro). My PC was always up to date regarding Windows and Lenovo (i.e. all drivers, BIOS, Windows updates of all kinds). Furthermore, I have been running Windows Security Essentials and I always keep that up to date and run full scans from time to time.

I have not had any indications of any virus, malware or related on my PC. I once did an extensive “cleaning” of my PC, and again, an eventual re-install of the OS when I suspected it might have been infected. The PC would shut down abruptly when doing a full scan (however, PC would get hot while scanning as if the CPU was under stress = scan required lots of resources). I would also run a stress test on the PC using Lenovo diagnostic tool. Sometimes it would crash, sometimes it would not. When it would crash it was because the CPU got too hot.


When the PC got hot the fan was running at full speed and then the PC would shut down all at once as if there was a sudden loss of power (as if PC is running on battery and battery is pulled out).


After all of the above I found that the….

**** most significant improvement was after cleaning all of the cooling vents.****  

I do so by blowing air into the vents and/or using a vacuum. I now do this periodically. I clean the two vents on the bottom as well as the large fan “exhaust” vent on the left side.


PROBLEM SOLVED (I’m almost certain, at least 95 to 99% certain).

Since this my PC never becomes too hot nor has is ever shut down due to overheating. The fan comes on much less at higher speeds, only from time to time.


NOTE 2: There are two vents under the upper left area of the keyboard. There is the larger one under the “tab” and “1” keys and the smaller one is under the “A” and “S” keys (ref: related to US, UK or Scandinavian keyboard layouts).


After I cleaned out the smaller vent the cooling performance greatly improved. I used to clean out only the large vent. So, it seems that both these intake should be kept clean.




(Abrupt Shut Down of a Different Kind) = Sleep and Hibernation related….


(I think I have this solved as well…

 …it is related to posts found here… )


I think I was having shut-down issues related to the overheating but also Sleep / Hibernation issues at the same time.


After I got the overheating sorted out the PC would still shut down abruptly.  The PC would take a long time to sleep or hibernate and/or to wake up. I think in many cases the PC would not go to sleep fully (it would appear to, but something was still happening or the process was not working properly). Then I would restart (re-awake the PC) and start to work for 5 minutes or so, THEN the PC would shut down all at once, again, as if the battery was pulled out if the PC was running on batteries.


After I changed the AMT Control in BIOS from Enabled to Disabled the PC works fine now. The sleep and hibernate works great. It sleeps and wakes up very fast and I have not had any sudden shutdowns anymore.



Some info related to my PC (I have since updated the Power Manager)


Intel AMT Control Changed from Enabled to Disabled in BIOS settings                                 


Lenovo Power Manager    g1ku20ww.exe                                                         



Lenovo Power Manager    g6u434ww.exe                                    6.36                                       


Lenovo Power Manager    g6u432ww.exe                                    6.36                                       

(Included: Lenovo Patch Utility V1.3.0.9)


Lenovo and Windows         Online/download updates                 BIOS 1.39, etc.                    

Updates (BIOS, drives, etc.)                                             





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Re: x201 random shutdown...My Updates

[ Edited ]

I have same issue with my lenovo x201. Does anybody know the max recommended cpu temperature for it?

To resolve my issue i use compressed air and dust vacuum cleaner time to time and currently use TPFC to control the FAN,  SpeedFan to monitor the temperature.




You can see that with almost no load on cpu , extreme FAN seed i have not lower than 73C temperature. Fan at extreme temperaure is going to be very noisy(sounds like a 52x old cd-rom at it's high speed roation).


If i stop to use TPFC x201 start to control FAN itself and it set up the speed to about 4500rpms and temperatue goes to >100C very fast. Laptop keyboard at it left side became very hot. Than if i start to use firefox for example CPU start to use throttling to lower the temperature...


Currently i'm sure that my Lenovo's temperature regulation do not work correctly. My Laptop currently has the warranty but i'm not sure that our locar service can resolve this issue. I'm almost sure that this is global problem of this model with this CPU.

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Re: x201 random shutdown...My Updates

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@msss, do you have a X201, X201s or X201t? The i7 L640 is fitted to the X201s and X201t machines. For comparison, here is what the idling temperature is on my X201t.

Moderator Note; irrelevant link removed


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