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Paper Tape
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Re: x201 random shutdown...

i had like a week without shutdowns now, nothing changed, just waiting for it to happen again but nope.., it's like when someone ask you to hickup again and you can't lol


anyway i still experience system freeze now and then, only for short time and still not possible to get into task manager before it's gone again, so can't even see what process could be the reason.


these freezes has been there all the time together with the shutdowns, several reinstalls, 32/64 bit, different hardware (moved harddrive til another brand new same model x201) and nothing alarming in event logs.. so weird, my x200 works 100 times more stable than these x201's Smiley Sad


i have to say im a IT tech myself so ofcourse i did the usual stuff to narrow down the reason, but this problem i can't seem to understand since it's not software (clean installs and so on) and it's not the hardware (other machine), changed ram too, same.. lol and all the hundreds of these machines we deployed with XP have no problems..


which leads me to think it's windows 7 and the drivers somehow.. but still kinda clueless..



Punch Card
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Re: x201 random shutdown...

My computer is 2 weeks old and now it begins to have random shutdown. Last time it says there was CAMMUTE.EXE crash before the unexpected shutdown. But today, it's just nothing - random bluescreen . On the bluescreen it says System service something.

My model is 3249CTO

Just wonder if you guys have some advice to what causes this problem?



Fanfold Paper
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Re: x201 random shutdown...

Disable windows update? Don't I need the latest fixes to Windows 7 to fix the operating system bugs? TVSU complains with an alert if I keep the Windows update disabled.


I'm fed up with the BSOD's. Atleast 2 of them a day. One of the worst experiences with Lenovo. I'm sure it has something to do with Lenovo's drivers or may be hardware. Not seen any of these issues with similar hardware and Win 7.


PLEASE have your engineers work on this on a priority and provide a fix asap. This is not an issue a user is experiencing which is only occuring to few users. It is a product wide issue and needs to be fixed.


Paper Tape
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Re: x201 random shutdown...



Would you please provide update on whether you guys can reproduce the problem or what status is on this one?

Paper Tape
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Re: x201 random shutdown...

I have the same problem. It happened to me on two separate x201 systems. I returned the first one, and the second one still has the problem.

It happens whether I leave the computer on, or put it in sleep mode. With the lid open or closed. With programs open and closed. It has also happened during start up as well.

I went through all the Lenovo/Bios/Windows 7 updates, and still the problem persists.

This is starting to get incredibly annoying and I can't afford to waste hours on the phone with a tech who won't resolve the problem, and I'm not looking forward to the downtime to send it in for service that probably won't help.

We should get refunds for this performance issue if it's not fixed soon. I'm ready to log a complaint with the BBB - I'm just waiting for the day that it shuts down before I save something important or that's in a program that doesn't have auto-save.

I've been a fan of ThinkPads for some time and this is my second one, but I'm incredibly disappointed with the drop in quality for something I paid a premium for.
Former Employee
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Re: x201 random shutdown...

Hi All,

Engineering is discussing with MS regarding this issue therefore have recommended doing a factory restore, disable Windows Defender and update Lenovo drivers only in order to narrow down the cause of the issue.

@peter_teng, Investigation still in process

@Deco, thanks for the input.

@charms81, you can disable the Lenovo TVT to prompt the updates notification for Windows.

Former Administrator
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Re: x201 random shutdown...



I appreciate your frustration... we all depend upon our PCs, and a sudden shutdown is certainly disruptive.  Please understand that while we are actively working on this issue, we do not yet understand the cause and whether it is hardware, drivers, or something related to Windows itself. 


Since we don't understand it completely yet, there isn't a proven  fix, and so technical support isn't likely to be able to conclusively resolve this yet.  Also, since you have replaced the system once, it probably isn't solvable by replacing parts or replacing the system again.


I feel confident that we will get this resolved, and appreciate your patience as work continues.   In the mean time, if you can implement some of the suggestions James has made, and share the results along with others in the group, our investigation will benefit from this larger and more diverse group's feedback. 


Thanks for your support and continued constructive feedback!



Fanfold Paper
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Re: x201 random shutdown...

I have the same issue, at the beggingin it would only happend every few days, when system was in standby, now it happends 3-4 times a day, and even when I'm working,


Last time it happend windows was able to generate a memory dump that I have attached. it might help people who are looking into this issue.

Former Employee
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Re: x201 random shutdown...


Thanks for the dump. Will pass it to engineering Smiley Happy

Token Ring
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Re: x201 random shutdown...

Mark we have quite a few of these units arriving soon about 300 thousand dollars worth hopefully you can fix this problem soon. Im still having issues with the bases on your x200 units Im getting very tired of Lenovo executives excuses not to replace them you can refer to this link if you want a quick run down of the issue.


Users who own an X201 series are also affected by this problem I know this for a fact as I have disassembled a few of them and have found the early models have the same faulty base spring latch. So if you ever do find the reason for this problem and it requires a new mainboard (sounds more and more like a hardware issue) you might want the techs to check the base and replace it at the same time.


Im getting tired of having to raise these issues in a public forum but your company often leaves me no choice. I have had some positive resolutions to issues and quite a few negative exchanges with Lenovo Moderators but hopefully I can get all my issues resolved so I can leave this forum indefinatley.

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