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x201s uncommon display problem

Hi guys! Im new to the forum. Found it while researching a display issue that i need more information on. I have limited experience with laptop displays and would like to get some other opinions about what the problem might be.


I was going to replace the LCD but decided against it as I have heard a few other ideas it could be. When connected to an external display, it does not replicate the issue. Only affects the actual laptop display. The problem does happen when booting the computer and in safemode.


The ThinkPad in question is an x201s that worked perfectly before I loaned to my parents for about a year to plug into a external monitor. The laptop set next to a dell 19" external monitor maybe 8"-12" away from the laptop itself. (possible magnet issue?)


The laptop works fine otherwise, no hard drive issue. The screen displays funny color shading or horizontle lines across the bottom 3rd. There is also a rainbow type effect in the middle of it. PICTURES:


The mouse disappears when you enter the bottom left 1/8 of the screen. I've attached pictures using IMGUR free/junk free image uploading service. However! The mouse does show up after about 20 minutes. The LCD screen seems to "warm up" and the mouse is now able to be displayed across the entire screen.



Any idea what could cause this, or how to repair it? This is still a fairly desirable laptop, and I would hate to lose it. Ive been looking at the new x260's but for some reason, I have a hard time parting with my x201s. Parts are hard to find for this laptop too Smiley Sad


Thanks in advance for all your help. I greatly appreciate it.


The link for the pictures:


The last picture is the improved view of the screen after about 20 minutes of being turned on.

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