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x220 Bios update to 1.25, mainboard replacement issue

I regularly use Lenovo update to check for any new drivers/updates.


After an update to bios 1.25, my computer attempted to reboot, but it never really shut down. After 15 minutes of just black screen, I pulled the battery to force it off. When I attempted to reboot, no POST, just black screen. The Thinklight and green lights will flash, but nothing happens.


So, I called Lenovo, and went through some basic troubleshooting which did not help. This all happened on Sunday, January 29th.



On Monday, January 30th, I called Lenovo again, and they said it would take about 2 weeks to :

- send me the box

- I send my laptop in

- They fix it

- They ship it back to me.


I couldn't afford to wait 2 weeks, so Lenovo suggested me to find a Business partner locally. Lenovo site led me to Microserve in Burnaby, BC, Canada. I dropped it off on Monday, and they called me back on Tuesday to let me know that the mainboard needs to be replaced and ETA for the part is February 2nd, Thursday. Work will take 1-2 business days.


So I waited. No update on Thursday, Friday or Monday (February 6th).  I called Microserve and they then told me that the part is not available, and they have no idea when it will come. They said they will look into it. So, I called Lenovo directly and asked them to follow up with this business partner about the part order.


Today, I received a call from Microserve, telling me that the part MAY arrive in 2 weeks, and they will fix it WHENEVER they receive the part.


By this time, I was very upset, because it sounded like they never correctly ordered the part and resubmitted the order just now. If it was going to take two weeks, it would be 2 weeks from last Monday, not today.


When I asked to have my laptop back, they asked me to pay $105 for diagnosis service, because I declined to be serviced by them. They were very rude, and their attitude was like "we have your laptop, so you can't have it back unless you pay."


My argument was that :

- They should not have given me an expectation of 1 week (4 days to be exact) for the repair.

- When the part didn't come in on Thursday, they should have updated me.

- I should not have to contact them to find out about this.


After a long talk with their manager, because they were going to be re-imbursed by Lenovo for the diagnosis service, they decided to let me have my laptop back.


Now, I am trying to get my laptop fixed directly by Lenovo. I called in, but no one will provide me with any timeline about the repair. They say "2 weeks, but WHENEVER the part is available".


If I knew it would take 2 weeks, I would have sent the laptop in to Lenovo last week, and probably have it back by end of this week or early next week.



I already suffered for a week without my laptop, and I cannot continue any longer as I must have my laptop for work and school. Lenovo agent kept repeating that it will take ABOUT 2 weeks (being vague) and there is no other option, and they cannot expedite my repair. I have requested to speak to a manager, and they promised me a callback. That was 1:30 PM. Now it is 6:00 PM and no callback.


I will wait until 1:30 PM tomorrow before calling again.



This has been a very frustrating experience. Lenovo business partner is just blaming Lenovo for part not being available, and Lenovo is unable to provide any solid timeline for the repair, nor are they able to provide alternate solutions.


And this problem was due to Bios 1.25. Obviously there was a problem with this version and they release 1.26 shortly afterwards, but Lenovo so far has been terrible with addressing the issues caused by bios 1.25.



Frankly, it would be faster to order a new laptop than to wait for the repair.


X220 | i5-2540 | 500GB HDD |64GB MyDigitalSSD mSATA SSD | 8GB RAM (upgraded from 4GB) | IPS | Webcam | Fingerprint reader | Bluetooth
*** Replaced by above for MB issue : X220 i5-2520 320GB 2GB TN Webcam

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