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What's DOS?
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x220 Windows 10 Issues

Hey guys!


Wondering if anyone else is having similiar issues...


Recently installed windows 10 (64bit) on my x220 (core i5 @2.6, 4gb ram.) With all the headaces I might be going back to win 7 pretty soon...


First, my wifi keeps dropping about every 10 minutes. Only way to get it working again is if I restart the computer. I've tried several different drivers, all which are doing the same.


My sound is skipping/lagging every few seconds. Its horrible... I've tried so many different drivers its insane, same problem.


Maybe every half hour the desktop will lock and nothing works for a few minutes. Also I cant get access to the task manager during this time.


I'm wondering if anyone has had any or all of these problems, and if there was any solution found? I'm hoping I can get this working normal so I wont have to revert back to win 7, kind of like the new features.



Paper Tape
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Re: x220 Windows 10 Issues

I have problem with X220 + Win10 aswell.
I was not able to install until I found out that the BIOS setting of X220 default of UEFI/Legacy Boot priority is Legacy. But that makes the installer freeze at boot up. I have changed it to UEFI to get the installer working.
But now I have problem booting X220 without Ultrabay. When I remove the Ultrabay, stacks at boot up right after the blue Windows logo. Ultrabay has a HDD inside, maybe something is wrong in the boot script....
But beside that I do not have any problem like you. You never had any problem installing W10?

before you go back to Win7, write down your W10 product key.
you can see it with windows productkey viewer like this one:
so you can clean install from ISO file next time.

I'm on i7, 16gb, mSATA SSD+ SATA SSD.

Paper Tape
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Re: x220 Windows 10 Issues



While I didn't have any problems with the X220, I did have issues with sound lag on my desktop, such that there was a 30 second disk churning period before any new sound source would play, such as a Youtube video.


Using Task Manager showed that a process called Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation was the culprit. From there it was a Google Search and the solution I tried was to go into the sound properties of my Playback device, and check the tickbox to disable sound enhancements, and this worked. I did the same for the Lenovo for good measure



What's DOS?
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Re: x220 Windows 10 Issues

After disabling sound enhancements, the laptop sounds so bad!  Better off going back to Windows 8.1 . 

What's DOS?
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Re: x220 Windows 10 Issues

Hi there,


It may be a bit late but you may want to try installing CoreTemp (CPU temperatre monitoring sw) onto your system and seeing what temp the cores are runnning at. If the CPU/gpx chitset gets too hot then lots of very strange suprious errors can occur. Let me know (if it's not too late)





What's DOS?
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Re: x220 Windows 10 Issues

......also the X220 is not on the supported list



I had problems with a Lenovo T420s with screen collapse into coloured white noise on the screen. I cold see from the CoreTemp reading that the 420 was running hotter on Win 10 than Win 7.,


I enabled logging in CoreTemp so that it would capture the temps of the cores to a log file every few millisecs.


Everytime the screen collapsed and broke up the temp had gone to 90 degrees+


If I only ran the Opera browser instead of Edge the system would only overheat once twice a day.


I have an X220 that when running Win10 hits 90-95 degrees, still stays up and running though, but this is too high a temp so I will have to downgrade it to Win 7.


hope this all helps but i strongly usspect that temperature is the problem.


You may also want to check the S.M.A..R.T. status of your hard disk and finally run AdwCleaner just to check for nasties

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