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x220 - configuration help

Hi guys.


I have been thinking about buying a new ultraportable laptop and found that the Lenovo x220 pretty much satisfies my needs.


I am in my last bachelor's year in physics.

So I will use it for  lectures, notes, skripts, books
I am using Matlab and at the moment Multisim which I probably will continue to use after the electronics course is finished.



What I am not sure about is the configuration.
At the moment the highest I would go is:
PERFORMANCE-SET II MSATA: ThinkPad® University X220 Modell 4290W1B mit 8GB und 120GB OCZ mSATA-SSD
31.8 cm (12.5") HD IPS LED (1366 x 768), Intel® Core™ i5-2520M (2.50 bis 3.20 GHz, 3MB), 320GB + OCZ mSATA-SSD, 8GB, Intel® HD 3000 Grafik shared, Webcam, Bluetooth™ 3.0, DisplayPort, FingerPrint, ohne Betriebssystem
which is at 1150€ and has only 6 cell battery. So i would probably add another 100€ for an additional 9 cell one.

The only thing i would rather not miss is the IPS-Display. (makes i3 impossible)
I could probably live with only 4gb Ram but its only 30-40€ more so ...
I also could save about 180€ on the SSD but I have heard that it gives a nice boost to the system.

Any thoughts about this? Maybe from others science students?


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Re: x220 - configuration help

That 120GB mSATA SSD sounds like a good deal for 180€ (~$240 USD, says Google), assuming they load the OS onto it and reserve the spinning HDD for media files and such. US configs don't even offer the mSATA, and I'm worried about dismantling my laptop to add one myself. And the price per GB isn't too so much more than a loose mSATA SSD would cost.


The 9-cell is totally worth it if you are not planning to get the external 6-cell slice battery. If you do opt for the 6-cell slice, it then makes sense to pair it with the 6-cell regular battery, since it will sit squarely flush with the rest of the laptop--making it nicer to look at and easier to carry. Pairing the 6-cell slice with the 9-cell results in a heavy laptop that looks lopsided. (I have all 3 batteries, and settled on the 6-cell + 6-cell slice combination as my favorite.)


The IPS screen? I love it, and I think it's worth it no matter what, but if viewing angles don't bother you, you will even save battery life by going with the basic TN screen.

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