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x220 - questions from a potential new user coming from a macbook pro

I have been using a macbook pro as my primary laptop for the last few years.


But I think it will now be more useful for me to have a windows laptop because I need to run a lot of windows programs and running them on the macbook either via virtualization or dual-booting leads to a mediocre battery life (compared to running OS X). Good battery life is becoming more and more important to me.


Hence, I am considering getting a Thinkpad X220. I have never owned a Thinkpad or other Lenovo laptop. Any help with the questions I have below would be greatly appreciated.


The features I value most on my Macbook are excellent build quality, nice clear display, the multitouch trackpad (gestures such as three finger dragging etc), relatively quiet operation, and excellent technical support. I know Thinkpads are renowned for excellent build quality, but how does the X220 compare on the other features?


I don't expect any Windows laptop will have as good multitouch support as the Macbook. But how does the multitouch support on the X220 compare with other Windows laptops?


Looking at the configuration options for the X220 I see there are a number of screen options. Of the two screens with webcams, one is called HD and the other is called Premium HD. Are these screens the same as TN and IPS (which seem to be the terms used in reviews on the web)?


I am considering buying on ebay instead of new. What is a fool-proof way of identifying whether the screen is HD or premium HD (e.g. a marking or a device manager name)? I ask so that I can instruct ebay sellers to check/confirm the screen type for me.


How easy and costly is it to replace the HD screen with premium HD at a later date?

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