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What's DOS?
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x240 - Are my CPU running to hot?



My new x240 (250 GB SSD, i5 4300U, 8GB RAM) is getting really hot.

Ventilation is not blocked. Fans runs at maximum nearly all the time. It is summer here in Denmark, however the notebook is inside in the shade - where it is around 15 degress celcius. 

The temperatures below are taken with 1 external screen attached, 6 chrome tabs (music playing in one tab) and a word file running.

Is it normal for the CPU to get that hot under so little load?




2015-06-25 12_46_53-.png

Fanfold Paper
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Re: x240 - Are my CPU running to hot?

You are playing music in a chrome tab. Is that using Flash? Flash is generally a killer, avoid that.

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