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I purchased a new X240 installed with Win 7 recently and wanted to have a video call with someone. Unfortunately, the other side could not see my video while I could see the other side clearly.


I tried to check out the settings in Skype for instance, but the camera box is always greyed out.


The previous ThiknPad used to have a function key button for camera but the new keyboard has no such shortcut anymore.


What is the problem?


There are a few possibilities and you may what to check the suggested methods below one by one.


  1. Is the camera driver installed?
    Always make sure the camera driver is installed in the first place. Go to for the driver download.

  2. Is the camera disabled?
  • Install ThinkVantage Communications Utility software for Win 7.
  • Go to Start button and type "Comunications Utility".
  • "Lenovo - web conferencing" application shall appear.

  • Click on it and "Communications Utility" application will be opened
  • If the camera is disabled, you will see "Show my video image" button as illustrated below. 
  • Click on the button to enable the camera.

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Many thanks, I had tried so many times & this was so easy to follow- thank you, thank you....

Hi I have same issue with a X200s model. But after installation of Community Utility, there is no options visible for the video. The built-in camera stays not visible. What I have to do to turn it on? Driver for camera have been installed and the camera is still not visible anyway. Have you something to suggest? Thanks canaliver
Built-in one? Is camera device visible in system/device manager? If not check if it is not disabled in bios in Security/I/O ports

Hello, I have a thinkpad X201 with camera and thinklight, and I recently bought another one, used. 


Neither the camera nor the Thnklight work.  The camera does not appear at all in the system.  I have BIOS version 1.32.  It should support these functions. (I did not upgrade because others had audio problems.)


The light and camera are next to each other, so a cable may fail to give power to both.  But where to locate the source  I would appreciate the help.