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Blue Screen Again
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x240 - battery - plugged battery not charging



I have read many people have similar issues for other models other than my Thinkpad x240 20AL but removing the battery won't solve my problem.


It is plugged in, it says plugged in but battery is not charging (none of the two batteries this laptop has).


I have gone to Driver Manager and uninstalled the 3 Microsoft drivers under battery section. After restarting or scanning for new hardware these drivers appear again and the problem is not solved.


I have restarted de computer. Problem not solved


I have removed the batter and put it back. Problem not solved.


After one night, I switched on the laptop and one of the battery has charged. Right now it says plugged in, charging and it shows already 100% although it keeps charging. The other battery still shows 98% not charging..


I believe this must be a software issue, some power management that prevents the laptop from charging the battery. But where is that software and how to configure it or remove it?


I have looked for Lenovo Power Management and similar and it is not installed on my laptop.


Anybody knows what I am talking about? Smiley Happy

Serial Port
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Re: x240 - battery - plugged battery not charging

I have a very similar problem, how was yours fixed in the end?

Someone please help, very frustrating!
Paper Tape
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Re: x240 - battery - plugged battery not charging


I checked on three new X240 and I'm experiencing the same problem.





Blue Screen Again
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Re: x240 - battery - plugged battery not charging

I swear, this is the biggest ripoff laptop I've ever bought.  First the mousepad is crappy, then after windows 10 update the wifi doesn't work, now the main battery won't charge. 


Things I've tried:

1.  Uninstalling and updating ACPI drivers under task manager - Did not work, not a fix

2.  Removing battery and running computer without it, noted that only one ACPI driver works - Did not work, not a fix

3.  Updated Lenovo's hardware check software - ironically it doesn't come with power management - Did not work.


Who's working on this, or did Lenovo just give up on this?  For the record, I will not be purchasing any more Lenovo garbage again.  IBM used to be quality.

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Re: x240 - battery - plugged battery not charging

My X1 Yoga does not recharge the battery if it's at more than 90% capacity. This is a deliberate strategy to prevent excessive battery wear.


What happens if you use your machine on battery to discharge it below 90%, then connect it to power? Does it recharge to 100% then?

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