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x240 upgrade/ re-install



My dad is sending me his x240 that he no longer uses.


I want to learn about upgrading the laptop.


1. SSD Drive (upgrade from old SATA to SSD)

- What type of drive is required?

- What tools do I need to replace the hard drive?


2. Operating system

- How do I do a fresh install of the operating system once I have upgraded the drive to a new SSD drive? There is no CD/DVD. 


3. Battery

- How do I replace the battery to a new one to get better battery life?

- Where do I buy it/ what type do I need?


4. RAM

- The laptop will not be used intensively. MS Office, emails and browsing. Maybe a bit of photo editing/viewing. Will I need to upgrade from 4GB?

- If so, how do I do this/what type of RAM is required?





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Re: x240 upgrade/ re-install

Hello and welcome,


Here are a couple of links that should help with the "homework" phase of this project:


(English) Hardware Maintenance Manual - ThinkPad X240


You should be able to install an OS from a flash drive.  What's already installed, what OS do you want to install?  Whatever is currently on the machine I'd suggest making recovery media before doing anything else - if that hasn't already been done.


If you want the same OS you can use that to reinstall.  If you intend to go to a different OS you at least have that as a fall-back.




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Re: x240 upgrade/ re-install

1. SSD Drive (upgrade from old SATA to SSD)

There are two types you can install:


- a normal 2.5 inch SATA3 SSD

- an M.2 SATA 2242 size SSD (make sure it is 2242 and SATA, something like a Transcend MTS400)


For the M.2 card, this will be dependent on whether you have a spare slot available to plug it into (there are two slots, one is taken by the WLAN card and the other is taken optionally by the WWAN card - if you have both installed, you will not have a spare slot for the M.2 SSD).


The only tools you will need are a set of Phillips (crosshead) screwdrivers. Please see the link that Zoltan posted for disassembly / assembly instructions or see the videos on YouTube for the same.


2. Operating system

Before you install the new SSD, use the installed Lenovo recovery software to create a recovery Windows install on a USB stick or other external hard drive. This can be used to re-install the Lenovo supplied Windows. Otherwise, you can use freely available / paid software to clone the existing hard drive to the new SSD (Acronis True HD is one example). Or you can install any other operating system you want (Linux, Windows 10, etc).


3. Battery

There are two batteries available, an internal and an external. Which one do you need to replace? Whichever one you need, make sure the replacement is a genuine Lenovo product, the third party ones are rubbish and have poor battery life. You can also use the Lenovo battery software to check the condition of an existing battery and re-condition it where possible.


4. RAM

4GB is plenty for basic office, emails and browsing. If you are going to be doing lots of intensive photo editing with several large files open, or you will be playing games, consider upgrading it to 8GB. You only have one slot so you will need to remove the 4GB and replace with a single 8GB RAM stick instead of just adding another 4GB stick.


If it helps, I use Windows 7 64-bit and my laptops have heavy workloads, often with two browsers open, 30+ browser tabs shared between them (I have 21 open right now), video encoding as a background process, several photo images open for editing, downloading files to and from an FTP server, Word and Excel running VBA code and a few others bits and pieces open, all simultaneously. 4GB has always been plenty for me but I don't play games.


Hope this helps.

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