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What's DOS?
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x250 screen issues?

Hello all,


I am looking to get an x250 but I have a question about the screen. Speaking to my boss who has an x240 he experienced quite a lot of ghosting issues with the IPS screen. I was wondering if these issues have been corrected for the model or should I just go with the TN screen and not risk it?


I tried contacting Lenovo sales and customer support and got very unhelpful  answers such as "it is a new model therefore it makes sense it will have new parts" and "we can not give part details to customers". They even told me there had not been any reported issues with the x240 screens, when I have found multiple forum posts about people getting their screens repaired it and have seen the ghosting for myself. 


Does anyone here have an x250 with an IPS screen and if so have they seen any ghosting issues?

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Re: x250 screen issues?

I have the FHD IPS display on my X250. I am not really sure what "ghosting" is since I have never experienced it. However, I can say that the screen is very sharp and I'm very happy with the way it displays text, photos, and HD videos.

What's DOS?
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Re: x250 screen issues?

Ghosting is sort of like screen burn in that used to be seen on old CRT's
monitors. eg. if you leave a window in one place for an extended period of
time and then switch to a dark image and a silhouette or "ghost" of the
window can be seen. With the example i've seen it does go away after a few
minutes but is really quite annoying.

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Re: x250 screen issues?

Yes, there is a design problem with the x250. Touch the back of the screen when there is an image with many colors on the screen. You will notice that the screen is moving. As you open and close the computer's cover, the screen is whitening due to this design error. Especially in the middle. Due to this problem, they changed the screen under warranty.

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